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In Ohio Farm Bureau's early days, the organization worked on such issues as rural electrification, group purchasing of farm supplies and marketing of farm commodities and insurance.

At its inception, Ohio Farm Bureau brought farm people together to improve their income and standard of living through organized action. Ohio Farm Bureau has a rich history: the improvement of economic conditions and the quality of rural life was greatly improved in Farm Bureau's first decades of existence, with the organization's help in rural electrification, group purchasing of farm supplies and marketing of farm commodities and insurance.

Ohio Farm Bureau is noted for its accomplishments: The creation and nurture of several successful organizations, including Nationwide Insurance; the development of the advisory council program which gives members a greater opportunity to discuss and resolve problems at the grassroots level; its policy development process which takes suggestions from the individual member to the county level, through the state and eventually to the national level; and the development and growth of members' leadership abilities.

Today, Ohio Farm Bureau's mission is to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers that meets consumer needs and ensures agricultural prosperity in a global marketplace. To learn more about agriculture from a consumer perspective, visit our Web site OurOhio.org.

  • 1926: The Ohio Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company was organized with the help of a $10,000 loan from Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. OFBF: 25,476 members
  • 1934: Farm Bureau Cooperative Association organized under cooperative law, replacing the Farm Bureau Service Company. OFBF: 10,393 members
  • 1967: Personal Property Tax exemption for agriculture passed. OFBF: 50,875 members
  • 1971: State Income Tax enacted to relieve pressure on property taxes with a 10 percent rollback on real property tax. OFBF: 55,386 members
  • 1973: Consititutional amendment to "Save Open Space" passed. Provides for appraisal of farmland based on Current Agricultural Use Valuation or CAUV. OFBF: 57,905 members
  • 1982: The Ohio Farmland Preservation Act established the agriculture district criteria and protection from nuisance suits, water and sewer line assessments. OFBF: 89,352 members
  • 1992: Issue 5, which called for the labeling of 468 farm chemicals, was defeated on Election Day. Membership gain of 10,426 members - the highest in 35 years. OFBF: 136,676 members
  • 2002: Ground is broken on the Ohio State University campus for the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H center. OFBF launches Our Ohio magazine. OFBF: 215,240 members
  • 2003: OFBF establishes a new organization vision statement: Forging a partnership between farmers and consumers. OFBF: 217,531 members
  • 2006: OFBF adds Town Hall Ohio radio program to its media mix that also includes Our Ohio and television and Web site and Ohio Farm and Country television series. OFBF: 229,616 members