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Melody & Oscar Fruth

Diary of Melody Fruth, Week 2 - July 4-10, 2011

Published Jul. 11, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011 Got up to gray skies and a few sprinkles today.† We sure could use a rain!† Oscar and I did the morning feeding.† The new calves are doing really well.† Many of them are drinking water from a bucket already which will make it easy to move them from bottles to buckets later in the week. Jeremy got ready to double-crop soybeans.† This means that two crops will be harvested from ...

Gary & Cari Geber

Diary of Gary Gerber, Week 5, June 27-30, 2011

Published Jul. 7, 2011

Monday, June 27th- Thursday, June 30th Everyday this week was pretty much the same.† I would wake up and then for the rest of the day I would either run wheat, bale straw, plant beans, work on tearing down the barn, or just working on little stuff around the farm.† This week has been very busy and it just seems a little crazy sometimes.† Everybody wants to make sure they have everything planted, ...

Kelli Gerber

Diary of Kelli Gerber - Week 5, June 27-30, 2011

Published Jul. 7, 2011

Monday, June 27 This morning I woke up, fed my animals, and then got ready for in car.† I have three days of in car this week, and then next week I can go take the test to get my license.† Today is a two-hour day and then on Wednesday and Thursday I have three-hour days.† In car was a lot of fun and was very interesting.† My instructor that I have was my kindergarten bus driver and she is hilariou...

Ray & Judy Arlinghaus, Lori Ridge Farm

Diary of Ray Arlinghaus - Lori Ridge Farm, Week 1- July 1-3, 2011

Published Jul. 5, 2011

Friday July 1 A hot day on the farm, made even hotter by the work we are doing.† Our early tomato planting (1.2 acres, about 5500 plants) is at the point where we apply straw mulch between the plants and in the rows.† We spent yesterday getting prepared by making the final cultivation of the field, and hauling the straw (200 plus bales) from a neighboring farm.† Putting the straw down is a signifi...

Melody & Oscar Fruth

Diary of Melody Fruth, Week 1 - July 1-3, 2011

Published Jul. 5, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011 Yee Haw! Oscar and I are in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.† We left on Wednesday after the morning feeding was done (about 1:00) to take a short trip to the Gatlinburg area.† Jeremy will hold down the fort while we are gone. We come down several times a year just to get a little R & R.† I planned this trip several months ago.† It is always difficult to plan to be away from home. No m...

Bill & Bev Roe, Pedro's Angus

Diary of Bev Roe - Pedro's Angus, Week 1- July 1-3, 2011

Published Jul. 5, 2011

July 1, 2011, Friday The morning air always feels refreshing; especially on these hot summer days. We have 2 sweet orphan bull calves that expect their bottle at 6:30 AM. I canít think of a better way to start the day than with Gemini ní Cricket. These hot days, they also drink a lot of water, even though they are only 10 weeks old.The guys (my husband Bill, herdsman Michael Everett and our nephew...

Melody & Oscar Fruth

Meet a Farmer - Melody & Oscar Fruth

Published Jul. 1, 2011

I am Melody Fruth and my husband is Oscar.† We live on a small farm near Jacksonburg, OH and have two grown sons, Jason and Jeremy who both graduated from Miami University.† We have lived in the same place since 1978. Oscar was raised on a farm near Findlay, OH. And I was a city girl born and raised in Hamilton.† We met at Bluffton College, moved here to find teaching jobs, and both taught school ...

Ray & Judy Arlinghaus, Lori Ridge Farm

Meet a Farmer - Ray & Judy Arlinghaus, Lori Ridge Farm

Published Jul. 1, 2011

My name is Ray Arlinghaus.† My wife Judy and I live on a farm in northern Ross Township just outside of Millville.† We purchased the land in 1985. Our home site is on the higher ground and provides us a beautiful view of the Indian Creek valley.† Our three children are grown and married.† All three are engineers and their careers have taken them to Minneapolis, Nashville, and Fishers Indiana.† Com...

Bill & Bev Roe, Pedro's Angus

Meet a Farmer- Bill & Bev Roe, Pedro's Angus

Published Jul. 1, 2011

Pedroís Angus, owned by Bill and Bev Roe Like other farmers, we are blessed to be working in a profession that brings satisfaction and joy, as well as plenty of challenges. Pedroís Angus Farmís roots started in the 1800s when Bevís great grandfather Barley Wagner raised Shorthorns near Fremont, in northern Ohio. Father Nick Wagner transitioned from Shorthorn to Hereford and finally to Angus in the...

Andy Korb

Diary of Andy Korb - Week 3 - 6/20-6/26/11

Published Jul. 1, 2011

Monday, June 20 This week is going to be very different than most. There is a tremendous amount of things to get done before I leave for Missouri tomorrow. After my daily chores I went to the mill to pick up some feed to deliver to my customers as there are quite a few to call on today. Tonight while feeding the baby calves, I started increasing the amount of milk powder in the milk mix to try an...

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