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Gail Lierer Family Farm

Diary of Gail Lierer- Week 1- Nov. 1-7

Published Nov. 8, 2010

Monday, Nov. 1 Alarm went off early, still dark but the day has started. Began day calling for parts. We have three major tools broken and we need to order parts to get them on the way. Checked on overnight markets; they are slipping a bit but will come back. Usually Monday and Friday are not good days to sell grain! Dave left for the river with a load of corn. Started my laundry and mailed some b...

Rita Beiser Family Farm

Diary of Rita Beiser- Week One- Nov. 1-6

Published Nov. 8, 2010

Everyday our day starts with feeding the cattle and pigs at home and feeding and caring for all the sows up at the sow farm.  After we feed we will check the newborn baby pigs and process any pigs born (or farrowed ) the day before. Next it is time to breed sows.  We artificially inseminate (AI) the sows which are in heat. I will explain some of these tasks as I keep this diary. Mon. Nov. 1  Anima...

Gail Lierer Family Farm

Meet a Farmer-Gail Lierer and Family

Published Nov. 8, 2010

Dave and Gail (Herrmann) are lifelong farmers in Morgan Township. They have three children; David and wife Heather and their sons Tyler and Aaron, Michael and his wife Jennifer, and daughter Christa and her fiance' Bryan. Christa and Bryan will be married on our farm next summer. We have a 650 acre grain farm; we raise corn, soybeans and hay. We raise a few beef cattle for our personal freezer bee...

Rita Beiser Family Farm

Meet a Farmer- Rita Beiser and Family

Published Nov. 8, 2010

Andy and Rita (Gerber) Beiser along with their three sons, David, Dan and wife Julia, Doug and wife Lindsay and grandaughter Jozie, farm in Butler and Preble Counties. We manage approximately 2,000 acres. The crops we grow include corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. We have lived our entire lives in Butler County and both of us come from farm families. Our sons are 5th generation farmers on the Beiser ...

Meet a few of our Butler County farmers!

Published Nov. 8, 2010

Each month three farm families from Butler County will keep a diary of their daily life on the farm. The diary and pictures will be posted weekly on our blog page. Find out first-hand what happens on a farm. The diaries will feature all different aspects of farming within our county. We care about our animals, providing an abundant and safe food supply, and being good stewards to the environment. ...

Congrats to OFBF Friend of Agriculture and Friend of Farm Bureau Candidates

Published Oct. 25, 2010

Congratulations to those candidates recently designated as a Friend of Agriculture or Friend of Farm Bureau by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. This designation is given to farm friendly candidates through a process for incumbents and open seat candidates. The "Friend of Agriculture" designation is used for Statehouse candidates and "Friend of Farm Bureau" for congressional candidates. Those candi...

Hunters and Ohio Farmers

Published Oct. 14, 2010

HuntOhioFarms.com connects Ohio farmers with deer damage problems and responsible hunters looking for a place to hunt. Here's how it works. Hunters provide information about themselves, such as hunting preferences, availability, hunting implement of choice, etc. Then farmers search hunter profiles and find hunters that are a good match for their farm and circumstances. This program is a joint vent...

SMV Signs Available at OFBF Office

Published Sep. 28, 2010

PLEASE make sure your farm equipment is road worthy and meets safety standards required by law. Butler County Farm Bureau has SMV signs available for sale at the office for our cost. The signs are $6.25 each and the socket/hardware for mounting are $1.75 each. We also sell No Trespassing signs, Private Property Signs, No Sunday Hunting Signs, Hunting By Permission Signs and Ag District Signs. Stop...

2010 Butler County Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture

Published Sep. 20, 2010

At the recent 90th annual meeting of the Butler County Farm Bureau, Julie Dalzell was honored as this years recipient for the BCFB Friend of Agriculture Award. As President Gail Lierer made the presentation, a standing ovation greeted the recipient. Julie Dalzell has worked for the Ohio State Extension program for the past 35 years, with 25 of those years spent here in Butler County. Her dedicatio...

FB Day at Stricker's Grove a Huge Success!

Published Sep. 10, 2010

Over 1300 members and their families enjoyed the 4th annual Farm Bureau Day at Stricker's Grove Amusement Park. Members enjoyed free rides, putt-putt, ice cream, sno-cones, cotton candy and popcorn, compliments of Butler and Hamilton County Farm Bureaus. Members also enjoyed displays provided by: Dodge, NW Agent Joe Conrad, Ohio Proud, Ohio Poultry Assn., OSU Extension Butler County and CarTeens, ...

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