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What IS Farm Bureau?

Published Nov. 13, 2012 | Discuss this article on Facebook
Crawford County Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau is organized on three levels - local, state and national.†

The county (local) is the very heart and strength of the organization. †Itís here the members work together as volunteers in†an effort to improve their profession. †Seeking solutions to problems which affect their social and economic well being is†the reason they join this general farm organization. †The policy Farm Bureau operates by is developed at the county level†by farmer members who are concerned and interested in their organization. †Farm Bureauís strength comes directly from†participation by members. The more members that get actively involved, the stronger your organization becomes.†

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) exists to provide both technical resources and personnel to support county Farm Bureau volunteers in meeting their goals.

The American Farm Bureau Federation has a similar role, working at the national level.

Ohio Farm Bureauís Vision is to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers that meets consumer needs and†ensures agricultural prosperity in a global marketplace. †For more information, please visit ofbf.org.

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