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Generous donation given from Diamond Oaks FFA Students

Published Dec. 10, 2012 | Discuss this article on Facebook

Chris Deffinger is the Equine Science & Management Instructor for the Diamond Oaks Career Development Campus and advises the Diamond Oaks High School Future Farmers of America (FFA)  Student Chapter.  The Diamond Oaks FFA students have been busy making informational flyers and donation boxes for the purpose of raising public awareness about the importance of keeping the Hamilton County Park District's horse trails maintained for public riding and collecting money for the Hamilton County Park Districts Bridle Trail Fund.  These industrious students have now voted to contribute $450 to the Bridle Trail Fund.   

Member Ann Frederick said, "Unbelievable! I am asking you to please think back and remember your high school days of fundraising for a worthy cause. Was it one hamburger or soft drink at a time? Please join me in reognizing the fundraising efforts of the Diamond Oaks FFA and thanking them for their generous donation to the Bridle Trail Fund."

Here is Deffinger's contact information:

Ms. Chris Deffinger

Equine Science & Management Instructor

Diamond Oaks Career Development Campus

6375 Harrison Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio  45347-7898


[email protected]

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