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Hamilton County holds Annual meeting

Published Oct. 15, 2013 | Discuss this article on Facebook


This year’s Hamilton County Annual Meeting was held September 16 at the Mill Race Banquet Center in Cincinnati.  It was a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal, met new friends and saw others not seen for a while.


President Dennis Heyob welcomed all attendees.  Lou Schindler gave the invocation before      dinner.  President Dennis Heyob called the meeting to order and the following Board    members were  present: Ann Frederick, Lou Schindler, Ken Grob, Beth Harnist, Steve  Knollman, Ken Morris, Joseph Roell, Greg Shroyer and Organization Director Christy Montoya, OFBF State Trustee Lane Osswald, Eighty (80) Hamilton County Farm Bureau members and guests.


President, Dennis Heyob introduced the following guests Denise Driehaus; State Representative, Dusty Rhoades; County Auditor, Joe     Abner; Congressman Chabot representative, Wayne Coates; County recorder, Holly      Utrata- Holcomb; Hamilton County Soil and Water, Karen Heyob; Education coordinator HCESC Early learning  program, Tom Gilday; Rosselot Financial, Marcie Longnecker and Lauren Bowen; State Treasurer Mandel‘s office, Nationwide agents, Dino Costanzo, Caroline Hennig, Ryan Grubbs, Larry Garrison, and Don Shrout along with their office staff.


Organization Director Christy Montoya gave  a year-end review and slide presentation of the past year events and the outcome of these events.


Dennis Heyob introduced the 2013 Scholarship winners: Luke

   Roell $1000 HC Active

   Scholarship winner Shelby Krimmer $500 HC Associate Scholarship winner, and Caitlyn Harrington $1000 HC FFA $1000 scholarship winner who was not in attendance.


Dennis Heyob presented  the Friend of Ag Service award to Harold Dates and       recognized him for all of his work to help with HC Farm Bureau.  Harold then thanked farm bureau and Dennis. He shared that it was a pleasure to work with the organization and he looks forward to future



Lane Osswald was introduced. Lane stated that of all the annual meetings he had attended up to that point, Hamilton County had the most in attendance. He stated that Hamilton County is alive and kicking with agriculture. He thanked Nationwide for all of their work that they do and how important their role is with maintaining memberships within the county. Lane announced that twenty-five counties received CAE award from AFBF and only two were from Ohio, which included       Hamilton county.  He       commended the county workers for this award and thanked them for all they do. Lane talked about the new membership model that the State board is proposing to encouraged membership growth and are positive with the changes that are coming and will be happening within the county farm bureau's.


New trustees and delegates were voted on, as well as the 2013-2014 Hamilton County       Policies.  Voted in were Bob Beckman, Tim Dicke, Dennis Heyob, Ken Grob and Joe Roell as Trustees.  Elected as, delegates to the OFBF 2014 Annual Meeting were Lou Schindler, Ann Frederick, Ken Morris, with Ken Grob as the alternate.  Beautiful potted mums were provided by Adopt-a-Plant Greenhouses and were given out as prizes at the end of the evening.




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