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Farm Bureau shows support of the Great Parks of Hamilton County.

Published Jul. 7, 2014 | Discuss this article on Facebook

Dennis Heyob on Great Parks Foundation Website  Farm Bureau awarding Great Parks of Hamilton County $1,500 grant money for horse trails project - Dennis Heyob (Right), Hamilton County Farm Bureau President with Jack Sutton, Executive Director of Great Parks.

Great Parks Contributors  Hamilton County Farm Bureau and Ohio Farm Bureau listed at $1,000-$4,999 level for monies granted to the development of the Miami Whitewater Forest Horse Trails.

GPF Bridle Trail Projects

We are extremely grateful for Farm Bureau's continued support of Great Parks of Hamilton County; the successful 2013 horse trail reconstruction project and the 2014 horse trail reconstruction project scheduled to be completed this August.


Ann Frederick,

Hamilton County Farm Bureau Trustee

Great Parks Foundation Board Member




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