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Farm Bureau seeking donations for Res-Q-Tube safety equipment

Published Dec. 17, 2012 | Discuss this article on Facebook

Highland County Farm Bureau is working in conjunction with the Highland County Fire Chief’s Association and Emergency Response Personnel to provide the Fire Departments of Highland County with the proper equipment and training needed for grain bin type rescues. The program will equip two complete enclosed trailers with a Res-Q-Tube, safety equipment, and rescue equipment. Once the trailers are completed, they will be distributed in the county by the Highland County Fire Chief Association.

The Res-Q-Tube is a lightweight, aluminum constructed cofferdam. It comes in four pieces that easily fit thru a grain bin opening. Once it is in the bin, it is placed around the victim and is latched together to form a circle around the person. This will hold back grain so the rescuers can begin removing grain from around the victim. Check out the link for a demonstration of how the tube works.

Various ropes and harnesses are needed for both the rescue personnel and victim. This is a confined space rescue so special equipment and procedures are required. All equipment will be kept in good repair, accessible at all times, and will be used for training so that the teams are proficient in the bin rescue procedures.

Highland County Farm Bureau is now accepting donations to purchase the trailers, Res-Q-Tubes and the proper equipment to perform such rescues. All donations should be made to the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation, and are all tax deductible. The goal of this project is to raise $30,000. This will cover the cost of all equipment. As grain prices have risen the past few years, the number of grain bins have also risen. Accidents happen every day in the blink of an eye, we need our local rescue workers trained and equipped on grain bin rescues. With two trailers in the county completely equipped for this type of rescue, response time will be shortened and rescues more successful.

To get involved or to donate please call the Highland County Farm Bureau office at (937) 378-2212 or email Nathan Brown.

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