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Published Oct. 14, 2011 | Discuss this article on Facebook

Your Farm Bureau membership automatically provides you with a free benefit that has assisted hundered of members over the years. We encourage your neighbors to be a "block watch" program to protect your property! Quite simply, if a neighbor or other sees someone stealing from you, vandalizing your property, or committing some felony on your property and reports the same to the authorities; and that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator; Farm Bureau will reward that person with $2500 for protecting a member's property.

Your Farm Bureau office keeps a supply of signs, window stickers, automobile decals, and equipment stickers available for you to display. These notify the public of the availability of the reward for assisting you and they have been known to deter some individuals on vandalism. Post the signs and stickers on your home, outbuildings, auto and trucks, lawn tractors and anything else of value that you wish to so mark.

Our office will supply 2 signs (11" x 14") at no charge to members and as many stickers and decals as you wish. More than two signs we have to charge our cost ($0.75) each. Call the office at 330-263-7456, toll-free at 1-866-658-7456, or e-mail wcfb@sssnet,com to arrange for materials to be picked up or shipped.

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