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Congresswoman Fudge, Every Member Sign A Member and a whole lot more!

Published Jun. 1, 2012 | Discuss this article on Facebook

The rain has finally come to northeast Ohio!

A lot has been going on during the last couple of weeks, particularly some real BIG things:

1) We're gearing up for our Ice Cream Social, which will be held on the Lake county Fairgrounds in July. We will also be crafting policy that night - so stick around for more info!


2) Congresswoman Fudge visited the Hastings Dairy Farm in Geauga County to discuss and listen to our four-counties perspective on agriculture and how we could affected by the recently proposed Farm Bill. Here is a link to the Farm & Dairy article. http://www.farmanddairy.com/news/urban-and-rural-congresswoman-takes-time-to-hear-from-both-sides/38041.html


3) Every Member Sign A Member - we want you to be involved - plain and simple. If you've had a positive experience and believe in this organization, sign up one of your friends and have an opportunity to win a large prize from one of our member benefit sponsors. Please follow this link for more exact details.


Stay tuned for more fun!

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