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Medina Farms Offering Fresh Homegrown Beef

Published Jul. 25, 2014 | Discuss this article on Facebook

Medina County Farm Bureau is featuring their local beef farms this month.  The local farms offering fresh, homegrown beef are:

Beriswells Farm Market, 2200 Station Road, Valley City, Oh   Phone: 330-350-2486  Summer Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11am  until 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Boyert's Farm, 4793 Paradise Road, Seville, Oh      Phone: 330-725-3509

TL Keller Meats,  3739 Avon Lake Road, Litchfield, Oh   Phone: 330-722-7501   Open from 7am until 5pm

S and F Farm Market, 7316 Tower Road,  Seville, Oh      Phone: 330-606-3588

Whitefeather Meats: 14979 Cleveland Road, Creston, Oh   Phone: 330-435-6300  Open from 8am until 5pm

Arters Farms: 8990 Spencer Lake Road, Spencer, Oh   Phone: 330-667-2462

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