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President's Comments - Gene Daniel

Published Nov. 4, 2013 | Discuss this article on Facebook
Gene Daniel

Good day fellow Farm Bureau Members.

I hope all is well as we progress through a slow harvest.  It looks like we will need a nice November to finish our work.We had a nice turnout at the annual meeting in August with Seneca Soil & Water.  This first joint annual meeting was well received and with a few adjustments hopefully we can do it again next year.

We are looking forward to working with new trustees, Gerald Senn from Venice Township and Nick Kelbley from Jackson Township.  Congratulations to Gerald and Nick.

The board really appreciates the members voting for and approving a dues increase.  The additional revenue will be well spent on our policy issues, capital improvements, and other expenses.  One item we are addressing is the need to repair our parking lot at the office.  The new sidewalks are in and we recently replaced our aging furnace and air conditioner.  We are continuing to explore a recycling program for farm plastics and hope to be able to move forward with this project in the near future.

In closing, I would like to say that we would like more feedback from our members.  The number of members participating in our Community Council groups has declined and we just don’t get as much feedback as we would like.  Please do not hesitate to call on your Farm Bureau trustee.  They can then bring your concerns back to the board for review.Remember, this is your organization, so be involved, volunteer at our functions, and talk to your trustee.

Have a safe and prosperous fall.

Thanks again, Gene Daniel, President

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