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Plan to attend the Northwest Ohio Farm to School Regional Workshop.

Published Mar. 24, 2014 | Discuss this article on Facebook

What is it:


Farm to School is a program designed to connect schools and local farms to increase opportunities of serving healthy fresh local produce in school cafeterias and

  • Improve student nutrition
  • Provide agriculture, health and education opportunities
  • Support local and regional farmers
  • Help in developing a Farm to School program that is unique to the needs of the school, community and local farms working together.
  • Establish a relationship between local foods and school children with learning opportunities through school gardens, farm tours, farmer in the classroom sessions, chefs in the classroom, culinary education, educational sessions for parents and community members and visits to farmers' markets.


Topics to be presented:

  • What’s Happening with Farm to School
  • Purchasing Local Foods and Meal Planning
  • Food Safety
  • Making Connections-Producers, Distributers, Cooperatives, Schools
  • Student Grow- Hands On Education in the Classroom
  • Network with Others in your Region


How to register:


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