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Is there a connection?

Published Jun. 9, 2010 | Discuss this article on Facebook

A few weeks ago when the "Mercy For Animals" animal rights group unveiled its undercover video of an Ohio dairy farm, the news was met with a mixture of anger, anger, and anger.

Animal activists, of course, were angry at Billy Jo Gregg Jr., an Ohioan who worked at the Conklin Dairy Farm for nine months before his arrest for abusing dairy cows. And the public was angry at farm owner Gary Conklin for allowing such a monster to get anywhere near his livestock in the first place.

Many farmers, though, were angry at Mercy for Animals. The group appears to have sat on its video for several weeks, allowing Gregg to come back to work again and again (and again) instead of taking immediate action. Questions have been raised about whether the video in question was staged, orchestrated, creatively spliced, or otherwise phonied up by Mercy for Animals, its president Nathan Runkle, and its hired "investigator" Jason Smith. No one should defend what was depicted in the movie's final cut, but it's fair to ask about how it was put together.

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