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2013 Auction Participation Form File

Item Donation Form for the 2013 Community Silent Auction

Auction Donation Form - 2014 File

Updated donation form for the 2014 Rural - Urban Community Auction

Auction Guidelines - 2013 File

Auction Item Donation Policies for 2013

Auction Guidelines - 2014 File

Updated donation policies for the 2014 Rural-Community Auction.

Bequest Society Membership Registration Form File

Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation Bequest Society Membership Registration Form

Foundation - Auction Donation Guidelines 2012 File

Donation Acceptance Guidelines for 2012 Auction

Foundation - Cindy Hollingshead Scholarship Fund Donation Materials File

Information and Donation Materials for the Cindy Hollingshead Scholarship Fund

Foundation Auction Donation Form - 2012 File

General Doation Form for 2012 Community Auction