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Action Teams

The success of Ohio Farm Bureau is due in large part to the success county Farm Bureaus achieve in their local communities. County Farm Bureau Action Teams are groups of Farm Bureau members who come together each year to set the agenda regarding the issues, events and projects their respective Farm Bureau deems important and worthy of attention. Contact your county Farm Bureau office if you would like to serve on an action team.

Counties operate with four action teams: Organization, Communications, Public Policy and Food and Animal Issues. An action leader leads each team, with help from three to five participants who have special interest in team activities or special skills to offer.

It is up to each county's board of trustees to check on the level of progress being made toward the county's stated goals for the year. Ohio Farm Bureau offers an achievement award program where counties show their program results. Counties compete against other counties of similar membership size to determine the best of the best.

Awards criteria include member involvement, communications, planning and results.

Here is the Achievement Award entry form (word).

Here is the County Collaboration Award Form (word)

Here is information describing the county Farm Bureau program incentive.

Read about our 2013 county winners.

Ohio Farm Bureau Goals

  • Explore new membership models for future strength
  • Build Farm Bureau's financial base to better achieve our mission
  • Grow membership through a comprehensive campaign that involves all members and partners
  • Expand member contribution and engagement opportunities
  • Partner to create excellent agricultural education programs
  • Develop an organization model for the future that engages the entire food chain
  • Advocate for Farm Bureau's priority issues
  • Seek solutions to Ohio's water quality challenges
  • Champion grassroots policy initiatives