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The Leadership Buffet

Ohio Farm Bureau's Leadership Buffet provides volunteers with opportunities to build leadership and personal development skills.

With training events and tools offered by Ohio Farm Bureau and outside resources, the goal is to offer volunteer leaders the opportunity to strengthen their leadership, teamwork skills and knowledge of Farm Bureau and the agriculture industry, and to empower volunteers to be more effective leaders and communicators in Ohio Farm Bureau and their communities.

Leadership Tools

Here you will find some tools and resources to help you and your team grow personally and professionally.

Planning Tools

Here you will find tools to help you and your Action Team plan events and meetings.

Why Is It Called a Buffet?

A buffet offers the opportunity to try new things, broaden horizons and enjoy our favorites. Diners make their own choices and put as much or as little on their plates as they like. Good nutrition gives diners the strength, energy and vitality to accomplish goals.

A volunteer-friendly Leadership Buffet is about choices, opportunities and feeding a leader based on their goals and involvement appetite.

Here is our model of Leadership Development.

A Glance At Our Menu

Portion size No one is force-fed an entire buffet. With the Leadership Buffet, members control their own portions, selecting workshops and involvement opportunities to achieve their leadership and personal goals.

Revisiting favorite items Volunteers posess skills. The Leadership Buffet can provide growth as well as new skill development dependent on their needs, or to gain new perspectives on using their skills.

Trying new things Tasting a now favorite food was initially a new experience, involving risk, taste and discovery. The Leadership Buffet offers a variety of new experiences to didscover. As volunteers are equipped with new tools, training and opportunities, they can grow, risk and try new things. This keeps Farm Bureau fresh and vital to our communities and to agriculture.

The Plate

The plate is the foundation of the meal. These are the basic leadership skills and knowledge that all volunteer leaders should know and be able to do.

For more information about this program, contact the county Farm Bureau office.

Main Dishes

The next course of leadership skills helps volunteers become effective leaders. Workshops include:

How Your Personality Affects Your Leadership Style

Learn how personality motivates you in your approach to life and leadership while discovering how to understand others so you can help them thrive.

Involving Youth and Young Agriculture Professionals

In order to keep Farm Bureau growing, it's vital to involve the next generation. Learn practical ways to reach out to new audiences while teaching them about Farm Bureau and developing their leadership potential.

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Learn how to create personal success by developing and prioritizing goals in a fun, interactive workshop designed to help you be S.M.A.R.T.

Side Dishes

These courses help leaders fine-tune their skills are are customized to help them prepare for higher level opportunities and experiences.

Be the Big Penguin: Hosting 101

Making events welcoming to new people is an art form. Learn how to use Walt Disney World's Golden Standards of Customer Service to create an open atmosphere for an event. Also learn how to involve team members in fun, creative ways to make hosting events an easier, professional experience.

Make it Magnetic: Attracting and Keeping Unbeatable Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Ohio Farm Bureau. Learn how to identify and engage new members in leadership roles.

Event Planning 101

Basics of planning an event, hospitality, organizing people and food, planning a great agenda, keys to successful publicity and troubleshooting.

Ohio Farm Bureau Goals

  • We will foster a viable business climate for agriculture that will help all Ohioans prosper.
  • We will collaborate on a water resource management plan that enhances both water quality and food production.
  • We will adopt a membership model to grow membership and sustain the organization for the future.
  • We will create an OFB Foundation structure that will grow revenue and help us invest in programs that will improve the quality of life for Ohioans.
  • We will promote and grow our relationship with Nationwide.
  • We will inspire members to build vibrant communities.