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Discover Your Social Web: An Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media *VERSION 2.0

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Appendix A: Best Practices for sharing your story through social media File

It's now easier than ever for everyday Web users to influence the opinions and decisions within their circle of friends and beyond. If you Facebook and/or Twitter, or even if you just casually brows the Web, here are some tips to help share your agricultural story.

Appendix B: Resources and Links File

Here's a quick guide of the links and resources mentioned throughout version 2.0 of the Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media.

Facebook Business Pages: Getting down to business File

Business usage of Facebook has skyrocketed since the first version of this guide was published. Learn how to set up an official business page to maximize your business or organization's engagement with Facebook users.

Facebook Friend Management File

Facebook users quickly discover that they have many different friends that require different levels of socialization and privacy options. Use this guide to separate friends into lists and apply security settings to each.

Facebook Places: Location, Location, Location File

Location-based social networking is growing in popularity. Learn how Facebook Places is helping bring location-based social networking to the mainstream, and get tips on why you would want to use it.

Facebook: Different Types of Facebook Pages File

Although most of Facebook’s Pages look similar, there are fundamental differences that you may not have noticed. Discover the differences with this tutorial.

Facebook: Finding and Adding Facebook Friends File

Start building your online social network by learning all the various ways to find friends and add them to your Facebook profile.

Facebook: Other notes and tips File

Discover how to use Facebook on your phone, how to handle Friend Requests, install Facebook Applications, check your Facebook Notifications, Messages and Requests and more.

Facebook: Privacy Settings and Management File

Take advantage of Facebook's robust set of privacy settings, allowing you to customize how others access your information. This allows you to use one Facebook account for both personal and professional purposes.

Facebook: The Facebook NewsFeed File

The News Feed tells you what all your friends have been up to on Facebook. It also allow businesses and organizations to update their fans. Learn all about the engine that makes Facebook churn, and how you can customize it to make it work for you.

Facebook: What's Private on Facebook? File

There are a multiple ways to communicate and share your messages in Facebook. Be sure you are keeping private messages private with this tutorial.

Facebook: What's Public on Facebook? File

There are a multiple ways to communicate and share your messages in Facebook. Discover what all is considered to be publicly viewable by anybody on Facebook.

Linking Twitter and Facebook File

Learn the differences between Twitter and Facebook messages. We also tell you how to link the two accounts together in a way that lets you choose which tweets also get sent to your Facebook status.

Signing up for Social Media Accounts File

There’s no better way to learn about social media than to simply sign up for an account and get started. It’s free, easy and secure! Learn how to sign up for accounts with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Social Media Guide 2.0 Forward File

A little bit about Ohio Farm Bureau's Social Media Guide and guidelines for its use.

Twitter: Customizing your Twitter Page File

It doesn’t seem like much, but more people will follow you if they can see who you are and find what you do to be interesting. Here's how to customize your Twitter profile.

Twitter: Deciphering Tweets File

To many, the common tweet looks like a foreign language. This tutorial takes a tweet and breaks it down in English.

Twitter: Different Types of Tweets File

Find out how to correctly use the different types of tweets for various communication purposes.

Twitter: Followers and Following - What you need to know File

Learn ways to find and grow your list of followers and people you follow.

Twitter: The Real-Time Search Engine File

Many people don't realize that tweets can be searched, and even more don't realize that Twitter is the Web's fastest-growing search engine! You don't even have to have an account to search Twitter. Learn why it has become such a popular search engine.

Twitter: Tips about followers and following File

Ohio Farm Bureau gives you some extra tips to help you find out why people are finding Twitter valuable and to help you get over the “Twitter-Quitter” hump.

Twitter: Tweeting Beyond with Third Party Applications File

Did you know that 75% of tweets originate from places other than There are many sources for your computer & phone that do a better job at allowing you to manage and search tweets. Find out which are the best, and how they can really enhance and help you understand Twitter.

Twitter: Viewing and Archiving Tweets File

Learn the multiple ways to sort and view your tweets on

Twitter: What and How to Tweet File

Twitter is much more than a simple status update. Discover how to tweet and how to provide value to your followers.

What is social media? And how to use the social features of File

Learn how provides an outlet for members to take ownership of messages received by consumers. By signing up for a free Web account, farmers and consumers alike may take part in a number of social features including commenting, poll-voting, content-sharing, RSS feeds and more.