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Discover Your Social Web: An Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media *VERSION 2.0

Our revamped Guide to Social Media offers more easy tutorials for beginner & advanced users. New features include: Business Pages, Privacy Settings, Location-Based Social Media, Twitter's growing search relevance, Best practices for sharing your story, & archived resources & links.

Ohio Farm Bureau Social Media Tutorial Powerpoint File

Discover your Social Web, on your on speed. Ohio Farm Bureau's Social Media Tutorial Powerpoint helps users learn about popular social media such as Facebook & Twitter through audio and visual explanations. To get started, click on the link above, then "Open with" then double-click the file.

Discover Your Social Web -- Video

Ohio Farm Bureau staff members give a tour of the new and show members how to get involved in Ohio Farm Bureau's social media effort.

OFBF/Our Ohio Communications, Inc. General Giveaway Rules File

OFBF/Our Ohio Communications, Inc. General Giveaway Rules