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Media Relations

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Sample news releases

Suggested news releases by month

Editorial board visits File

Tips for setting up a meeting between members of the Farm Bureau and the editorial board of the local newspaper to discuss an issue of importance.

Letters to the editor File

Tips and an example letter.

Media kits and tours File

On initial visits with media contacts, it may be a good idea to take a media kit along.

News releases File

A news release can promote an event, a position or or make an announcement. Newspapers may publish as is, or develop into a story of their own.

Photography tips and techniques File

Photos make news releases and stories more interesting.

Successful media interviews File

Tips for helping someone be prepared for an interview

What do reporters look for? File

Reporters look for reliable resources that can meet their deadlines.

Writing an invitation letter File

Use an invitation letter to interest members of the media in attending county events.