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Sample news releases

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01) January News Releases

Legislative District Meeting, Membership Kick-off, Time to Join (Rural), Time to Join (Urban), Cold Weather Safety, Membership Growth

02) February News Releases

CAUV, Ag Districts, Cabinet Meetings, Animal Safety

03) March News Releases

Final Membership Campaign Gain, Ag Week, Pre Ag Baby, Post Ag Baby, New Member Meetings, Traffic Safety

04) April News Releases

New Member Meeting Follow-up, Backyard Safety

05) May News Releases

Policy Development Resource Meeting, Lightning Safety. Sharing the Road Safely

06) June News Releases

Child Farm Safety

07) July News Releases

County Annual Meeting, Policy Decisions, Sun Safety, Lawn Mower Safety, Youth Dances

08) August News Releases

Post Leadership Conference, Outstanding Young Farmer/Young Farm Couple Winner, Bus Safety, Hitch Safety

09) September News Releases

SMV Safety, Safety Month

10) October News Releases

$2,500 Reward, Deer

11) November News Releases

Farm City Week, Gun Safety

12) December News Releases

Annual Meeting Delegates, Noise Safety