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Town Hall Ohio is a weekly radio public affairs discussion forum, which features high-profile guests covering a wide range of topics and issues of importance to Ohioans. Subjects include government and politics, jobs and the economy, food and food production, education, science and technology, business challenges and social issues. Town Hall Ohio is produced by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation; it airs on WTVN Radio, Columbus, Ohio and additional stations throughout the state. Subscribe on iTunes.

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    ODNR Director, Jim Zehringer Episode 479

    From fishing to fracking, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is charged with taking care of Ohio's great outdoors. Heading that agency is Director, Jim Zehringer. He joins OFBF Executive Vice President, Jack Fisher, to talk about energy, water, wildlife, recreation and more. Length 39:20

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    Vertical Farming Episode 478

    Educator & author Dickson Despommier mentions in his book that 10-12,000 years ago, humans began to systematically modify their environment to meet their basic biological needs. Among those was the need to feed themselves. He has some ideas to a modern modification: the vertical farm. Length 39:20

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    Columbus Dispatch, Journalism, and More Episode 477

    Since 1871 Ohioans have been learning about the world around them on the pages of the Columbus Dispatch. Last June, the Dispatch got a new owner, and a new editor. Editor Alan Miller talks about the Dispatch, newspapers, journalism in general, and some pressing public policy issues. Length 39:20

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    Ohio House Ag. Committee Episode 476

    Food, farming, jobs, and education. These are just a few of the topics watched over and influenced by the House Agriculture and Rural Development committee of the Ohio General Assembly. Let's focus on some key issues. Guest: Rep. Brian Hill, chair, and Rep. Tony Burkley, vice chair. Length 39:20

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    Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, Ohio Supreme Court Episode 475

    Maureen O'Connor is the 10th Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, and the first women to hold that position. One of her latest initiatives is to tackle the problem in Ohio...our less than enthusiastic participation in judicial elections. Length 39:20

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    Mid-Ohio Foodbank Episode 474

    Mid-Ohio Foodbank serves a large area of Ohio by providing meals to more than half a million people. Hunger. How can we best help those who need help? Guest: Matt Habash, Pres / CEO, Mid-Ohio Foodbank; Dr. Bobby Moser, Ohio State University and member of the foodbank board. Length: 39:20

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    Ohio Republican Party Chair - Matt Borges Episode 473

    These are exciting times for the Republicans in Ohio. They have a candidate running for president, and they prepare to host the 2016 National Convention. Plus they're in the midst of an interesting race for a U.S. Senate seat. Guest: Matt Borges, Chairman, Ohio Republican Party. Length: 39:20

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    Columbia Gas Episode 472

    Almost 1.5 million Ohioans either heat their home, power their businesses or otherwise make use of the products and services of Columbus Gas of Ohio, the largest natural gas utility in Ohio. Guest: Dan Creekmur, president, Columbia Gas of Ohio. Length: 39:20

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    NRCS Chief Jason Weller Episode 471

    The Natural Resources Conservation Service is a federal agency that makes its mark by helping people accomplish what they want to do when it comes to conservation. Guests: NRCS Chief, Jason Weller; State Conservationist, Terry Cosby; Jack Fisher, OFBF. Length 39:20

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    Ohio FFA Association Episode 470

    The FFA jacket is one of the most iconic brands in America. What does the FFA of 2015 look like, and why is it important to everybody? Guests: Matthew Klopfenstein, Ohio FFA president; Christi Bachman, Ag Education Teacher, Bloom Carroll Schools; Katy Endsley, FFA Program Manager. Length 39:20

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    Healthy Water Ohio - Strategic Plan Episode 469

    The Healthy Water Coalition is a unique group of diverse interests that pulled together to take a strategic look at how to preserve our water. Guests: Steve Hirsch, Ohio Farm Bureau; Josh Knights, Ohio Nature Conservancy; Ann Aquillo, Scott's Miracle Gro; Jack Williams, City of Ottawa. Length 39:20

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    John Carey Chancellor Ohio Department of Higher Education Episode 468

    Some 600,000 students are part of the public higher education system in Ohio. John Carey is chancellor of the Department of Higher Education. How can we make colleges more affordable, assure graduates they'll get jobs and use higher education to better our communities? Length: 39:20

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    Congressman Pat Tiberi, Fiscally Responsible Government Episode 467

    Fiscally responsible government. That's one of the major themes you'll hear from Congressman Pat Tiberi. Tiberi and OFBF Executive Vice President, Jack Fisher talk about funding and spending issues, and a few other important topics. Length 39:20

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    Ohio Chamber of Commerce Episode 466

    The Ohio Chamber of Commerce traces its roots back to 1893. Today they represent the interest of 8 thousand business of all shapes and sizes. Guest: Andy Doehrel, President & CEO, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, and Jack Fisher, Executive VP, OFBF. Length 39:20

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    Senator Rob Portman Episode Show 465

    With a world filled with people who don't much like America, critical economic challenges at hand, and pressing social issues to resolve, Ohioans want a strong voice in Washington, DC. Senator Rob Portman talks about the big topics that affect our lives. Length 39:20

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    Agriculture Media Episode 464

    Farmers want to know how to farm better and what the markets and weather are doing. Farmers still rely on professional journalists to keep them informed. Guests: Susan Crowell, Farm and Dairy; Dave Russell, Brownfield Media; and Matt Reese, Ohio's Country Journal. Length 39:20

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    ODA Director Dave Daniels Episode 463

    Protecting families, protecting farmers, protecting families, these are a few of the jobs done on a daily basis by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. ODA touches every Ohioan through its regulatory and marketing functions. Guest : ODA Director, Dave Daniels, OFBF Exec. VP, Jack Fisher Length 39:20

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    Marijuana Legalization 2 Episode 462

    This November, Ohioans may be making one of the more serious policy decisions of their lives. Should marijuana be legalized in Ohio? Guest: Dr. Beau Kilmer, Sr. Policy Researcher, Rand Corporation, and Jack Fisher, Exec. V.P. Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. Length 39:20

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    Ohio's Oil and Gas Impact Episode 461

    Drive through Eastern Ohio and the impact of Oil and Gas Exploration are immediately evident. New businesses are starting, unemployment is down, but it won't last forever and there are cost to consider. Citizens are talking about these situations and how to protect their way of life. Length 39:20

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    Water and Food Production Episode 460

    Whether it's algae in Lake Erie or nitrates in Columbus' water supply, the issue of how we can have both clean water and productive agriculture is a hot topic. Can clean water and food production coexist? Guest: Adam Rissien, Ohio Environmental Council, and Adam Sharp, Ohio Farm Bureau. Length 39:20

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    Ohio Government 2015 First Half Review Episode 259

    A lot of action has taken place so far in the Ohio legislature. Reviewing the action of Ohio government at the half-way mark with members of the Ohio Legislative Correspondence Association. Guest: Karen Kasler, Ohio Public Radio and Television, and Robert Higgs, Cleveland Plain Dealer. Length 39:20

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    Hunger in Ohio Episode 458

    In Ohio, people are going hungry. What's going on? And more to the point, how do we stop it? Causes, consequences and hopefully some cures for hunger in Ohio. Guest: Lisa Hamler Fugitt, Ohio Association of Food Banks, Ben Johnson, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. Length 39:20

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    Marijuana Legalization Episode 457

    A new industry may be coming to Ohio worth $4 billion annually. It's a product favored by some 87%.of Ohioans but is a little controversial.Marijuana for medicinal use, recreational use, or both. Guest: Douglas Berman, Professor of Law, OSU, Alan Johnson, Columbus Dispatch. Length 39:20

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    Kroger Dietician Episode 456

    Many of us do our shopping at Kroger. Often we converse with the butcher, stock person, and possibly the cashier. But did you know that Kroger has a group of folks that can help you chose wisely and eat healthier? Guests: Molly McBride and Alysson Kuhn, Kroger Corporate Dietitians. Length 39:20

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    Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, David Pepper Episode 455

    As states' voting preferences go, there are red ones and blue ones, Then there's Ohio, often called a purple state because it bounces back and forth between party preferences. David Pepper, Chairman Of the Ohio Democratic Party, has a plan to help fellow Democrats. Length 39:20

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    Traveling To DC Episode 454

    The annual trek to Washington DC for Ohio Farm Bureau's county presidents was held recently. You'll get a chance to hear from many of the speakers they heard including both Ohio Senator's and many members of Congress. Length: 39:20

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    Discussion Meet Finalists Episode 453

    Serious issues deserve serious considerations, and young adults are preparing themselves to become thought leaders. That's the goal of Farm Bureau's annual discussion meet. Young people in the food sector talking about issues important to farmers and consumers alike. Length 39:20

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    OEFFA - Sustainable Agriculture Episode 452

    "Sustainable Agriculture; Renewing Ohio's Heart and Soil" was the theme for this year's Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) Conference. Here's a perspective from farmers and eaters alike on how to keep Ohio growing. Length: 39:20

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    Dr. Michael Drake, President, Ohio State University Episode 451

    Dr. Michael Drake became Ohio State University's 15th president at the end of last June. He shares his thoughts on Ohio State, its mission, responsibilities, and maybe even a little bit about its football team. Guests: Dr. Drake, and Jack Fisher, Ohio Farm Bureau, Exec. VP. Length 39:20

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    Ohio's Water Quality Status Update Episode 450

    Two of Ohio's greatest resources are fresh water and fertile farmland. Last summer we learned these resources don't exist independently. A Lake Erie algal bloom shut down Toledo's drinking water system, and farmers were cited as the guilty party. What's ag doing to protect water? Length 39:20

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    Husted Promotes Agriculture in Ohio Episode 449

    The Secretary of State's office has a sometimes overlooked role in the business community, and this month the Secretary is promoting the importance of the agricultural industry. Guests: Secretary of State Jon Husted, Ohio Farm Bureau Exec. VP, Jack Fisher. Length 39:20

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    Signature Foods Episode 448

    Demand for local foods means growth of local food companies. 'Town Hall Ohio' examines the art and science of building a food manufacturing business and what it means for farmers, consumers and the economy. Guest: Rebecca Singer, CIFT; Ann Trudel, Ann's Raspberry Farms; Lori Panda, ODA. Length 39:20

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    Gardening Episode 447

    Farmers aren't the only ones excited about warmer temperatures. Home gardeners and landscapers love the idea of soon having their hands in the soil. Hot trends and tips on lawn, landscaping and food gardens. Guest. Pam Bennett, OSU Extension, State Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator. Length 39:20

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    Dr. Bruce McPheron, Dean, OSU CFAES Episode 446

    Overseeing the modern version of agriculture at Ohio State is Dr. Bruce McPheron, Dean of the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. He and OFBF, Exec. VP, Jack Fisher talk food, farming and more. Length: 39:20

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    Ohio House Speaker, Cliff Rosenberger Episode 445

    In January, Cliff Rosenberger was elected to serve as Speaker of the Ohio House. Speaker Rosenberger and OFBF Executive VP, Jack Fisher talk state budget, tax reform, education and more. Length 39:20

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    Ohio Hospital Association Episode 444

    Patient safety is a new phrase being heard in hospitals. Dr. Bob Falcone, Vice President of Clinical Quality and Population Health, and John Palmer, Director of Public Affairs with the Ohio Hospital Association, discuss safety and other health related issues. Length 39:20

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    Senator Keith Faber Episode 443

    Ohio Legislators have their hands full working toward passing a budget, addressing big issues related to the economy, education and the environment. What can the government do, what shouldn't it do, and will it probably do? Guest: Senate President Keith Faber, OFBF Exec. VP. Jack Fisher Length 39:20

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    2015 AgDay at the Capital Episode 442

    Ohio Farm Bureau keeps track of the goings on in state government as a service to its members. There is also another watchdog that OFBF relies on: the media. A visit with statehouse reporters in front of a live audience at the annual Ag Day at the Capital. Length 39:20

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    Energy's Future Episode 441

    Global energy output needs to increase by about 40 % in the next 20 years. Where will it come from? Energy issues, challenges and opportunities. Guest. Ted Ford, Pres., Ohio Advanced Energy Economy, Bill Spratley, Exec. Dir., Green Energy Ohio, Dale Arnold, Dir. Energy Policies, OFBF Length 39:20

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    Director Butler, Ohio EPA Episode 440

    Can we have clean water without harming our capacity to grow food? Is energy exploration and development possible without harming Mother Nature? Guest: Craig Butler, Director, OEPA, Jack Fisher, Exec. VP, OFBF. Length 39:20

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    Senator Joe Schiavoni Episode 439

    The coming year will be a busy one in the Ohio General Assembly. Helping to guide the discussions will be Senate Minority Leader, Joe Schiavoni. Guest: Sen. Joe Schiavoni, Jack Fisher, Exec. VP, OFBF. Length 39:20

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    Meat Industry Episode 438

    Steak, chops, roast, wings, Most of us like to have meat on our plates. What does it take to make this happen? And, what are some social issues that may make us ask questions about animal protein? Guest; Elizabeth Harsh, OCA, Jim Chakares, OPA, Roger High, OSIA, Bryan Humphreys, OPC. Length 39:20

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    Developing Ohio Episode 437

    The Ohio Development Services Agency plays a big role in the economic development for Ohio, its communities and its individuals. What do they do? How do they do it? And how do they measure success? Guest. David Goodman, Ohio Development Service Agency, Jack Fisher, OFBF. Length 39:20

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    Financial Literacy Episode 436

    One of the most useful skills any of us can have is the ability to handle money, but many struggle at this. Experts from Ohio State University look at money handling issues and offer some solutions. Guest OSU Extension Educators, Betsy Dematteo,Hamilton Co. and Nancy Stehulak. Henry Co. Length 39:20

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    Economic Outlook 2015 Episode 435

    We are in the 6th year of the economic recovery that began in mid 2009, and the National Business Association of Business Economists has predicted that this year the economy could grow another 3.1 percent. It's best performance in 10 years. Guest: Dr. David Berson, Chief Economist, Nationwide. Length 39:20

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    Dietary Guidelines Episode 434

    Everywhere you turn someone wants to tell you how to eat; what food, how it should be farmed, and even how it should be cooked. We talk today about the dietary guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture, how they are formulated and how they should be used. Length 39:20

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    Dr. Lowell Catlett Episode 433

    Economist, professor, speaker, and futurist, Dr. Lowell Catlett, New Mexico State University, was the keynote speaker at the 2nd annual Ohio Farm and Food Leadership Forum, and took time to visit with Joe Cornely to discuss some of the items he shared with the audience. Length 39:20

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    Water and Agriculture Episode 432

    In a recent survey by the Healthy Water Ohio Coalition, Ohioans said their number one environmental concern was protecting the quality of their drinking water. Guest. Bruce McPheron, Ohio State University, Josh Knights, Nature Conservancy, and Adam Sharp, Ohio Farm Bureau. Length 39:20

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Farm Bureau Radio News Service

The Farm Bureau Radio News Service is an audio news service, which features top level guests talking about timely subjects. While it is produced for use by news and farm reporters, everyone is welcome to listen in.

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    Portman on exports Episode March 5, 2014

    Selling Ohio farm products abroad helps the whole state's economy, according to Sen. Rob Portman, who spoke to 2014 Ohio Farm Bureau county presidents' trip to Washington DC.

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    Portman on the farm bill Episode March 5, 2014

    Ohio Sen. Rob Portman thought long and hard before voting yes on the farm bill. His reservations were about the 80% of the bill dealing with food and nutrition.

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    Harden on farm bill timetable Episode March 4, 2014

    Krysta Harden, USDA Deputy Secretary, wants to manage farmers' expectations regarding farm bill rollout. #ofbdc

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    Dep Sec Harden - family farmer now implementing farm bill Episode March 4, 2014

    Dep. Ag Secretary Krysta Harden grew up on Georgia farm and is getting family help in implementing the 2014 farm bill. #OFBDC

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