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Town Hall Ohio is a weekly radio public affairs discussion forum, which features high-profile guests covering a wide range of topics and issues of importance to Ohioans. Subjects include government and politics, jobs and the economy, food and food production, education, science and technology, business challenges and social issues. Town Hall Ohio is produced by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation; it airs on WTVN Radio, Columbus, Ohio and additional stations throughout the state.

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    Tourism in Ohio Episode 403

    Most of us are proud of our state, and we like it when others get the chance to see the things that makes Ohio a great place to live and work. But it's more than pride, it can also be a huge economic boost. Guest: Mary Cusick, Ohio Tourism office, Pat Petzel, Ohio Farm Bureau. Length: 39:20

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    Trends and Issues Conference Episode 402

    To give farmers a chance to spend time on the big picture, OFBF hosts its annual Trend and Issues Conference. This year's speakers talk about high tech, social license for agriculture and the future of Ohio State University. Guests: Matt Bechdol, GeoSilos; Terry Fleck, CFI; Jack Fisher, OFBF.

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    Rural development Episode 401

    Economic development is not only in urban areas. USDA Rural Development works on development in rural America. Guests: USDA Deputy Under Secretary Doug O'Brien, Ohio's Director of USDA Rural Development Tony Logan and OFBF's Yvonne Lesicko. Length 39:20

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    The Supermarket Guru Episode 400

    What's the next big thing in the grocery store? New foods? New experiences? The place we go to buy food and what we find there is undergoing dramatic change. It's time to get a grip on our groceries. Guest: Phil Lempert, The Supermarket Guru. Length 39:20

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    County Farm Bureau President's Go To Washington Episode 399

    For well over 60 years, one of Ohio Farm Bureau's major activities is to pack up it's county presidents and head to Washington D.C. Farmers get face-to-face with lawmakers, agency officials and others to talk about the big topics that are important to the nation. Length 39:20

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    Healthcare Issues Episode 398

    One factor most closely linked to our quality of life is our health. But how do we maintain it, and is it our job or our doctors job? What determines it; genetics, environment, or behavior? We talk healthcare with Dr. Steven Gabbe, OSU Medical Center, and Jack Fisher, Exec. VP, OFBF. Length: 39:20

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    2014 Election Outlook Episode 397

    Given the fact it hasn't stopped snowing since last November, we're not too anxious to think about next November but we need to. It's an election year and we have a panel of political reporters to give us a look ahead. Guest: Karen Kasler, Ohio Public Radio/TV, Jim Heath, WBNS, Marc Kovac, Dix News.

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    AFBF Executive VP. Julie Anna Potts Episode 396

    As listeners of the show you probably have an understanding of how the county Farm Bureaus are linked to Ohio Farm Bureau. Well, our state organization is linked to the American Farm Bureau Federation. AFBF Executive VP, Julie Anna Potts, and OFBF President, Steve Hirsch are our guest. Length 39:20

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    Affordable Care Act Episode 395

    The plan is by the end of March some 7 million Americans will be signed up for health insurance. Some say that's good for the insured and the health profession, while others say it socialized medicine. Guest: Dr. Steven Gabbe, OSU, Ben Southerly, Columbus Dispatch, Dan Rapp, OFBF Length: 39:20

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    A Conversation with journalist Joe Hallett Episode 394

    If you some time on Sunday mornings reading the newspaper, then you may be familiar with the political column by Joe Hallett, senior editor of the Columbus Dispatch. That column and a lot of other good reporting is going away as Joe retires after more than 40 years in the business. Length 39:20

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    Ohio Statehouse History Episode 393

    They call it “The People's House.” The Ohio Statehouse is both a monument to the history of our state, and the seat of our modern day government. We learn about this historic Ohio landmark. Guest; Cheryl Straker and Luke Stedke, Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board. Length 39:20

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    2014 Economic Forecast Episode 392

    By most accounts, 2013 was a pretty good year for the economy. But what's in store for 2014? Nationwide chief economist Dr. David Berson gives some insights into the state, national and global economy for the coming year. Length: 39:20

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    Statehouse Reporters Episode 391

    What's in store at the Statehouse for 2014? We look at top issues from 2013, and preview state government news stories you'll be reading and hearing about in the coming year. Guest: Laura Bischoff, Dayton Daily News, Mike Thompson, WOSU TV, and Marcus Roth, Gongwer News Service. Length: 39:20

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    In Meat We Trust Episode 390

    Meat has been part of our diet for thousands of years. This day having some type of meat as part of a meal is something we often take for granted. Over time, how has meat not only fit into our diet, but in society as a whole? Guest: author, Maureen Ogle. Length 39:20

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    Ohio Association of Community Colleges Episode 389

    There are nearly 840 thousand students attending college in Ohio, and close to a third of them are going to community colleges. Ohio's 23 community colleges are catering to students fresh out of high school or in mid life making major career changes. Length: 39:20

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    Christmas 2013 Episode 388

    Why is Christmas a big deal for you? Is it about religion, connection to family, or do you just like shopping for gifts? Today we're going to look at the Christmas holiday from a variety of perspectives. Length: 39:20

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    The Insurance Industry Episode 387

    In the1920’s, Ohio Farm Bureau members weren't happy with the way they were treated by auto insurance companies, so they started their own. Today, Nationwide Insurance has blossomed into a Fortune 100 company. Nationwide's president and COO, Mark Pizzi, talks all things insurance. Length 39:20

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    Thanksgiving 2013 Episode 386

    Turkey production, some holiday myths and traditions, and a report on how much you likely spent on feeding the family this year. We're putting the wrap on Thanksgiving. Length 39:20

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    Civil Discourse - Civility in Politics Episode 385

    In today's political world, it seems there are only two sides: left and right. However, things get done in the middle. So what's the secret to getting things done? Guest: Ted Celeste, founder Next Generation, Ohio Senator, Frank Larose, 27th District. Length: 39:20

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    Ohio Department of Public Safety Episode 384

    One of our most basic expectations as Ohioans is to feel safe. Assuring that expectation is met, is in large part a responsibility of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Guest: John Born, Director ODPS, Colonel Paul Pride, Superintendent OSHP, Jack Fisher, Exec. Dir. OFBF. Length: 39:20

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    Senator Keith Faber Episode 383

    Keith Faber is the president of the Ohio Senate and has made his mark in Ohio politics by supporting lower taxes, restraint in state spending and overall smaller and more responsive government. Discussion with Sen. Faber. Guest: Sen. Keith Faber, Jack Fisher, Exec. VP, OFBF. Length 39:20

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    Cooper Farms Episode 382

    When it comes to being a successful farming enterprise, Cooper Farms meets that standard. Producing 200 million pounds of live turkeys every year. More than 300 thousand pigs and some 30 million dozen table eggs. And yet, it's a family operation. Guest: Gary Cooper, COO Cooper Farms, Length 39:20.

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    Medicaid Expansion in Ohio Episode 381

    Should Ohio expand it's Medicaid program? The question comes with a variety of economic, health and moral implications, as well as some political ones. Guest: Jon Allison, Ohio Alliance for Health Transformation; Robert Alt, Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions. Length: 39:20

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    Rural Education Episode 380

    National Rural Education Forum will be in Ohio and will focus on unique challenges for rural schools, and some education topics that get to the heart of preparing young folks to lead productive lives. Guest: Jim Mahoney, Battelle for Kids; Dr. Ivan Wilson, Ohio Department of Education. Length: 39:20

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    Women in Agriculture Episode 379

    Women farmers are increasingly a part of the farming community, and not just in the traditional role as a farmers wife. The what's, why's and how's of women in farming. Guest: Bryn Bird, Bird's Haven Farm; Sue Borton, Brickle Creek Organic Farm; Sharon Sachs, Women Farm. Length: 39:20

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    Food for Billions Episode 378

    It is projected that by 2050 the worlds populations will be somewhere near 9 billion. This growth will create many challenges, including how to feed everybody. Ohio State University's Food Innovation Center, recently hosted the Food for Billions Symposium to discuss this issue. Length 39:30

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    How Public Opinion Affects Food Production Episode 377

    Farmers are realizing they need to be more in tune with the consuming public. People may know a lot less about food production, but their more interested in it than ever. This reality drove the conversation at the recent annual meeting of the Ohio Livestock Coalition. Length: 39:30

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    Policy Development Episode 376

    If you want a government that accomplishes things that benefit Ohio, you have to engage with the people who carry out government's work. Farm Bureau has a history of talking with the people who affect our daily lives. This is all part of the Policy Development process at OFBF. Length 39:20.

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    The Nature Conservancy Episode 375

    Protecting nature - preserving life, is the mission of The Nature Conservancy. A leading conservation organization working to protect ecologically important lands and waters in a non-confrontational pragmatic way. Guest: Josh Knights, TNC,Ohio Exec. Dir; Jack Fisher, OFBF, Exec. VP. Length: 39:20

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    Food Dialogue Episode 374

    There are no shortage of opinions about how food should be produced. Often these differing views don't listen to each other. Recently the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Ohio Soybean Council and the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance participated in an event to create a civil discussion about food. Length 39:20

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    The state of the radio industry Episode 373

    In a world of almost unlimited media options, one of the oldest forms of mass communications seems to be holding its own. However, what you listen to o the radio today is changing. Guest: Jeff Rehl, Clear Channel Communications, Dave Glass, Findlay Publishing Company. Length: 39:20

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    Business in Ohio Episode 372

    The National Federation of Independent Businesses turns 70 this year. It provides representation before government, products, services and public outreach for it's members. The execs from NFIB and Ohio Farm Bureau talk business in Ohio. Guest: Roger Geiger, NFIB; Jack Fisher, OFBF. Length: 39:20

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    Ohio Department of Health Episode 371

    The Ohio Department of Health's mission is to protect and improve the health of all Ohioans by preventing diseases, promoting good health, and assuring access to quality care. What is the department's plan to make Ohioans healthier in an efficient fashion? Guest: Dr. Theodore Wymyslo, Director ODH

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    Global Appetites; Food Policy and Literature Episode 370

    The debate over the best means of raising food has been around for a long time.The public discussion has been fueled by books, magazines and other forms of literature. Today we look at the connection between food policy and literature with UCLA professor and author Allison Carruth. Length: 39:20

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    The Ohio State Fair Episode 369

    It's time once again for the Ohio State Fair, and the Ohio Farm Bureau's Land and Living exhibit. Listen as we highlight some of this years special events and attractions.

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    A Visit With House Minority Leader, Tracy Maxwell Heard Episode 368

    Tracy Maxwell Heard is a seven year member of the Ohio House of Representatives but only recently became the House Minority Leader. We hear her views on various key issues? Guest: Tracy Maxwell Heard, Jack Fisher, Exec. V.P. OFBF Length: 39:20

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    Improving Education in Ohio Episode 367

    How do we make our schools better for students, teachers, and the entire community? Battelle for kids is a national non-profit that is looking into what it will take to obtain educational excellence. Guest: Dr. Jim Mahoney, Exec. Dir., Battelle for Kids. Length 39:20

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    Discussion Meet 2013 Episode 366

    One of the most important function Farm Bureau provides for our communities is to help develop young leaders. Developing leaders and critical thinkers is part of a competition called the Discussion Meet. Today we meet this years finalist in this competition. Length 39:20

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    Veterinarians Episode 365

    Animals play a role in our daily lives. We have three veterinarians studio to talk about everything animals.Guest: Tony Forshey, DVM, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Susan Skoropski, DVM, Unites States Department of Agriculture, Leah Dorman, DVM, Director of Food Programs, OFBF. Length: 39:20

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    Ohio Democratic Party, with Chairman, Chris Redfern Episode 364

    Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, Chris Redfern and Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President, Jack Fisher talk some political philosophy and discuss the important issues facing Ohioans. Length 39:20

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    Michael Scuse, USDA Deputy Secretary Episode 363

    Expanding economic opportunities through innovation, that's part of the vision statement for the United States Department of Agriculture. We discuss that vision along with food and farming with our guest, Michael Scuse, USDA Deputy Secretary, and Jack Fisher, OFBF Exec. VP. Length: 39:20

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    The Economy Episode 362

    Democrats bash Ohio's economy because Gov. Kasich is in office and Republicans slam the national economy because President Obama is in charge. This episode tries something unique by talking to an economist about the ecomony. Guest: Dr. David Berson, Sr VP and Chief Economist, Nationwide Insurance.

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    Ohio Statehouse Reporters Episode 361

    The state government is involved in a variety of issues including the state budget. We hear from members of the statehouse press on these various issues. Guest: Bill Cohen, Ohio Public Radio, Laura Bischoff, Dayton Daily News, Robert Higgs, Plain Dealer. Length: 39:20

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    Farm Bureau's budget priority issues Episode 361

    Director of State Policy Brandon Kern talks with 'Town Hall Ohio' host Joe Cornely about the top line items and the importance of member involvement in the process. Kern will appear with Statehouse reporters on this week's 'Town Hall Ohio.'

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    Nutrient Management and Water Quality Episode 360

    Toxic blue-green algae will soon be back on Lake Erie, Grand Lake St. Mary’s and others. We take a look at algal bloom, their causes, and what can be done about them. Guest: Larry Antosch, OFBF; Jeff Reuter, Ohio Sea Grant; Greg LeBarge, OSU Extension. Mobile users, listen using players below. Length 39:20

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    Ohio GOP Chairman, Bob Bennett Episode 359

    For the better part of 25 years, Bob Bennett has run the Ohio Republican Party. In about a month he is going to be stepping down from the chairmanship of the Ohio GOP. He shares his thoughts on politics, government and issues important to Ohio. Length: 39:20

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    Flooding in Ohio Episode 358

    Did you know flooding is Ohio's most common natural disaster? This week's show features a discussion of flooding in Ohio with Steve Ferryman, OEMA; Scott Jackson, USGS; Christopher Thoms, ODNR; Tom Reider, Ohio Historical Society; Seth Teter and Darren Frank, OFBF.

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    Issues and Advisory Teams Episode 357

    What issues do farmers face in today's world? How do we address those issues? That was the topic of a recent meeting hosted by Ohio Farm Bureau. Hunger, education, water quality and other issues were discussed. Guest included: Ted McKinney, Elanco, Karl Gebhardt, ODNR, and others. Length: 39:20

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    Animals for Life Summit Episode 356

    Back in 2009 the Ohio Farm Bureau launched a charitable organization with a goal of creating awareness of the value animals bring to human life. The Animals for Life Foundation recently hosted a meeting which featured animal scientist and autism advocate Temple Grandin. Length: 39:20

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Farm Bureau Radio News Service

The Farm Bureau Radio News Service is an audio news service, which features top level guests talking about timely subjects. While it is produced for use by news and farm reporters, everyone is welcome to listen in.

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    Portman on exports Episode March 5, 2014

    Selling Ohio farm products abroad helps the whole state's economy, according to Sen. Rob Portman, who spoke to 2014 Ohio Farm Bureau county presidents' trip to Washington DC.

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    Portman on the farm bill Episode March 5, 2014

    Ohio Sen. Rob Portman thought long and hard before voting yes on the farm bill. His reservations were about the 80% of the bill dealing with food and nutrition.

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    Harden on farm bill timetable Episode March 4, 2014

    Krysta Harden, USDA Deputy Secretary, wants to manage farmers' expectations regarding farm bill rollout. #ofbdc

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    Dep Sec Harden - family farmer now implementing farm bill Episode March 4, 2014

    Dep. Ag Secretary Krysta Harden grew up on Georgia farm and is getting family help in implementing the 2014 farm bill. #OFBDC

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