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    Food Editors Episode 430

    Food has moved from being the center of our plates to being at the center of our lives. Today's guest are food writers. Guest: Lisa Abraham, Columbus Dispatch, and Robin Davis, Kenyon College. Length 39:20

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    2014 Post Election Analysis Episode 429

    The aftereffects of the 2014 election. Why did the democrats take such as shellacking? With the GOP controlling the senate, what's in store in Washington? Will a couple of Ohioans run for the presidency? Guest: Political analyst, Paul Beck and Bloomberg reporter, Mark Niquette Length 39:20

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    Social Security Episode 428

    What started as a kind of retirement program has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, some want it to expand while others want it to go away. The What's, How's, and Why's of Social Security. Guest: Darren Lutz, Public Affair Specialist, Social Security Administration. Length 39:20

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    Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Episode 427

    Keeping workers safe, and helping to pay for their care when that doesn't happen is the job of Ohio's Bureau of Workers' Compensation. How do they do that at the most reasonable cost? Guest: Steve Buehrer, Adminstrator, OBWC, Dan Rapp, Sr. Director, Business Development, OFBF Length: 39:20

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    Ohio Hospital Association Episode 426

    Most of us began our lives and many of us may end them in a hospital.These community institutions provide medical care, research, and jobs.Let's discuss patient care, policy issues and economics of hospitals. Guest: Mike Abrams, and Dr. Bob Falcone, Ohio Hospital Association. Length: 39:20

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About Town Hall Ohio

Town Hall Ohio views Ohio through the eyes of residents of small towns, metropolitan areas, villages and townships. Its perspective reflects their values, aspirations and opinions on issues such as:
  • Quality of life
  • Health, security and safety
  • Community character and predictability
  • Private enterprise
  • Public services
  • Resource utilization
  • Education
  • Politics and government
  • Recreation
  • Agriculture
  • Other economic, social and environmental issues

Meet the Host
For more than 25 years, Joe Cornely has been a familiar and respected voice on Ohio radio stations. He began his broadcast career in news and sports at WKTN, Kenton, and he is best known for his 16-year stint as farm director for WRFD, Columbus, where his daily programs drew high listenership ratings across 75 Ohio counties. Prior to WRFD, his farm broadcasts on WLW Radio in Cincinnati reached 38 states. His weekly Farm Bureau radio network programs are currently aired on more than 50 Ohio stations
In 1995, Cornely became only the second Ohioan ever to be elected president of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters and in 1996, he received the industry's highest award by being named by his peers to be the National Farm Broadcaster of the Year.

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Submit your opinions about the topics you've heard on the show; occasionally they're shared on the air (with permission). E-mail or call 614-246-8903.

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