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Buckeye Farm News

Buckeye Farm News is a publication of the Ohio Farm Bureau focusing on news and information specific to the farming industry. It is published 10 times per year and is a Farm Bureau member benefit.

  • NoDec2015_BFN_Cover.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue November/December 20

    In this issue: Waters of the United States, new membership categories, Trans-Pacific Partnership, renewable energy, GMO labeling

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  • Oct15_BFNPage1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Oct. 7, 2015

    In this issue: Ballot issue positions, water quality app, county charters, trees and property rights, ag districts and ag security areas, sales and use tax

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  • Sept_BFN.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue September 2015

    In this issue: Protecting property during pipeline construction; Growing our Generation; Making sense of EPA's new water rule; Understanding oil and gas royalties

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  • 05-Jul-Aug15_BFN_P1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue July/August 2015

    In this issue: Farmers discuss the pros and cons of energy exploration; eminent domain; state operating budget; Trade Promotion Authority; Waters of the U.S.; Grainger member benefit

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  • MayJune_15_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue May 5, 2015

    In this issue: What you need to know about Ohio's nutrient law, deer damage permit changes, resolving line fence disputes, water quality media campaign, opening global markets for Ohio farmers

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  • Apr_6_2015_BFN_P1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue April 6, 2015

    In this issue: Approved changes to CAUV, Rural Road Safety Campaign, tell Farm Bureau your agritourism challenges, home sewage treatment rules

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  • Mar_2015_BFN_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue March 2015

    In this issue: Ohio Farm Bureau 2015 policy priorities, Progress made on $1 million water quality action plan, Water grants available to county Farm Bureaus for programming, A look at Ohio's property tax system

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  • BFN_frontpage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Jan/Feb 2015

    In this issue: Farm Bureau helping farmers meet their water quality goals, Restructured Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation has $10 million goal, Protecting, improving agritourism, Ohio Supreme Court case examines how grain bins are taxed, A broader look at Ohio’s tax system

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  • Dec_18_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Dec. 18, 2014

    In this issue: Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting re-cap, delegates approve membership model, state board elections, county Farm Bureau honors

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  • default.jpg
    Year in Review Issue Dec. 18

    Your membership helped us get the job done at the statehouse, in Washington, D.C. and in local communities across Ohio.

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  • Oct_16_Front_page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Oct. 16, 2014

    In this issue: Farmers attend fertilizer certification classes, Ohio Farm Bureau examining CAUV formula, Youth Capitol Challenge winners, Bill addresses concerns about state's agritourism activities; Why your mineral rights might be in danger, state YAP winners

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  • electionguide.jpg
    Election Guide 2014 Issue 9/18/14

    2014 Election Guide provides information about candidates in the governor, secretary of state, treasurer, auditor, attorney general, state representatives and state senate races. Information about candidates' support of Farm Bureau policies also is provided.

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  • _BFN_Sept_18_14_Page1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Sept. 18, 2014

    In this issue: OFBF announces $1 million water quality action plan, common questions about water issues, 2014 Election Guide, state policy development committee meeting, metal theft prevention

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  • Aug_14_14_Front_Page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Aug. 14, 2014

    In this issue: Working together to preserve Ohio’s water resources; Reaching out at the Ohio State Fair; Teachers get hands-on experience through farming workshop; Board of Tax Appeals ruling could affect you, input needed

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  • Jun_12_BFN_FPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue June 12, 2014

    In this issue: A thoughtful conversation on GMOs as farmers reach out to their community; On big issues, your voice matters; Well worth it? What you need to know before purchasing a gas well; DiVencenzo elected to Ohio Farm Bureau board

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  • Apr_17_14_BFN_Front.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue April 17, 2014

    In this issue: Face time with policy makers, farm nutrient legislation, new Farm Bureau leaders elected, how mid-biennium review affects you, Issue 1, wind farm case, farm bill implementation, agritourism legislation, invasive species, advisory teams advance ideas, new GM 'bonus cash' discount.

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  • Mar_20_14_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue March 20, 2014

    In this issue: A day at the statehouse for farm advocates, Membership Model Task Force., OSU Food Dialogues, CAUV, Volunteers go to Washington, young people solve problems in their community and farm bill.

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  • Feb_13_14_FBN_Page1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Feb. 13, 2014

    In this issue: Young Ag Professionals event draws 300, What you need to know after a surprise OSHA visit to an Ohio farm, A look at the nutrient bill, Big questions about big data

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  • Dec_19_13_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Dec. 19, 2013

    In this issue: 2013 Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting highlights, organization accomplishments, Ohio Farm Bureau helping members navigate Affordable Care Act

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  • YearInReviewpage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Year in Review

    Take a look at the accomplishments of members and the organization in 2013.

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  • Nov_14_BFN_P1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Nov. 14, 2013

    In this issue: Immigration reform, Ohio Farm Bureau membership model, a new tool for taxes, Ohio Farm Bureau staff announcements, farm transition plans, new farm documentary

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  • Oct_17_13_BFN_Page1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Oct. 17, 2013

    In this issue: Ohio considering farm nutrient bill, Like farmers, Farm Bureau must be innovative, We need a farm bill now, Safe drinking water tops farmers’ concerns in ‘Buckeye Poll,' American Farm Bureau appeals Chesapeake Bay ruling

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  • Sept_19_13_BFN_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Sept. 19, 2013

    In this issue: Policy Development, upcoming Web meetings, brief filed in property rights case, Food Dialogues event recap, five tips for successful event management

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  • Aug_15_13_P1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Aug. 15, 2013

    In this issue: Council's project is supporting community, Equipping you with information on water quality issues, Federal policy issues update, Five tips on dog laws

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  • Page1_July_18.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue July 18, 2013

    In this issue: Farmers, allies step up to protect water, Farm Bureau priorities and the state budget, AFBF files suit to protect farmers’ privacy, Senate passes immigration bill, House approves farm portion of farm bill

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  • june_13_13Frontpage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue June 13, 2013

    In this issue: State budget, new Ohio State University trustees, Animals for Life Foundation accepting grant applications, farm bill, ag labor, tax reform, building relationships with elected officials

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  • April18_13_BFN_FPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue April 18, 2013

    In this issue: Take Action. With the state budget in the works and new policies on the horizon, now is the time for farmers to establish Ohio’s vision for agriculture.

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  • Mar_21_13_FrontCover.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue March 21, 2013

    In this issue: Community councils, Presidents Trip to Washington, D.C., Ag Day at the Capitol, AgriPOWER

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  • Feb_14_13_BFN_FPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Feb. 14, 2013

    In this issue: American Farm Bureau annual meeting recap, estate taxes, farmer input on public policy issues, member benefits, how to get involved in a community council

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  • Dec13BFNPage1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Dec. 13, 2012

    In this issue: A recap of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's 94th annual meeting in Columbus.

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  • 2012YearInReview124x184.jpg
    2012 Year in Review Issue Dec. 13, 2012

    This is a special insert to Buckeye Farm News, highlighting the major stories and accomplishments of Ohio Farm Bureau in the past year.

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  • Nov_22_2012_BFN-front_page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Nov. 22, 2012

    In this issue: Farm organizations say nutrient management a priority, OFBF annual meeting, Carroll County Farm Bureau's program recycles farm plastics, thinking critically about CAUV, county Farm Bureaus partner with 4-H and FFA

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  • Oct2012FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Oct. 11, 2012

    In this issue: Farmers say ‘no’ to Clean Water Act expansion, Ohio Farm Bureau membership grows, Young Farm Bureau leaders rally for farm bill, students invited to learn more about political process through Capital Challenge program, marketing legislation creates opportunities

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  • BFNSeptCover.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Sept. 13, 2012

    In this issue: McPheron is new leader for Ohio State's agricultural programs, Supporters celebrate accomplishments of Bobby and Pat Moser, Farm Bureau members secure policy victories, Leadership Conference focuses on community conversations

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  • FrontPage8.16_.12_.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Aug. 16, 2012

    In this issue: OFBF steps up water quality outreach, OFB Foundation funds program that brings kids to the farm, Ohio Farm Bureau partners to support 4-H, OFBF backs students for cancer cure, The Drought of 2012

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  • July–19–12Page1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue July 19, 2012

    In this issue: Clean Water Act, severance tax, Ohio State Fair, farm bill, drought, federal animal care standards

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  • June14FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue June 14, 2012

    In this issue: Will the farm bill pass this year? Win a truck; blogging workshop; farmers' efforts in stopping youth labor bill; FDA's new antibiotics strategy; passage of Great Lakes Compact; young farmer contests.

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  • BFNPage1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue April 19, 2012

    In this issue: OFBF helps develop recommendaitons for improving state's waterways, Supreme Court ruling gives landowners a voice, be aware of the specifics of Ag District law, get involved with Agriculture is Cool, response to tornado shows meaning of 'On Your Side', OSU Extension Connection

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  • BFNFrontPage4_12.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue March 22, 2012

    In this issue: Oil and gas exploration, using Our Ohio's Buying Local Directory for promotion, commission to study Ohio's Constitution, proposed STEM school would focus on agriculture, OFBF priority issue ready for governor's signature, farmers efforts help protect GPS, now is the time to engage candidates, flood insurance, Chipotle's commercial highlights persistent divide

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  • Feb16FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Feb. 16, 2012

    In this issue: American Farm Bureau annual meeting coverage, child labor rules, OFB Foundation grant recipients, farmers use of antibiotics, 'Town Hall Ohio' interview with Sen. Sherrod Brown, Farm Bureau's guide to truck regulations, workers' compensation meeting schedule

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  • Dec_15_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Dec. 15, 2011

    In this issue: 2011--Year in Review, plus highlights from the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation 93rd annual meeting.

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  • Nov17_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Nov. 17, 2011

    In this issue: OSU Extension insert in Buckeye Farm News; Darke, Medina County Farm Bureaus earn national recognition; advisory council on Facebook; diverse viewpoints shaping food production; animal traceability; CAUV meetings explain rate changes; restrictions aimed at kids working on farms.

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  • FrontPage_10132011.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Oct. 13, 2011

    In this issue: Ohio Farm Bureau announces GM member benefit; OFBF attains membership gain; governor highlights economic opportunities for Ohio agriculture; American Farm Bureau makes recommendations on farm bill spending; Supreme Court ruling favors landowners

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  • Sept_22_Front_Page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Sept. 22, 2011

    In this issue: OFBF explores water quality partnerships; Moser to step down after years of agricultural advancement at OSU; Board supports Issue 3, neutral on Issue 1; OFBF on SWCD task force; a farm guide to the social web

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  • Sept_8_11_BFN_P1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Sept. 8, 2011

    In this issue: OFBF urges 'Yes' on Issue 2; local food connects a community at Farm Bureau event; Report: ‘Agbioscience’ can drive economy, sustainability; learn about Ohio’s new livestock care standards; USDA offers new rule on animal disease traceability; some funding for green energy may dry up;Ohio agvocates work to reach out to nonfarmers; Ohio women who grow food are starting conversations with the women who buy it

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  • Aug25-2011_BFN.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Aug. 25, 2011

    In this issue: Court affirms right to farm policy in Ohio, Conversation to explore all sides of food production, OFBF speaks out on leafy greens plan, Department of Transportation says no new CDL requirements for farmers, OFBF's Leadership Conference, livestock standards issued, Town Hall Ohio explores engagement in the political process

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  • July21_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue July 21, 2011

    In this issue: The power of working together, Asian longhorned beetle poses new threat to state’s forests, Farm Bureau works to stop disruption in GPS service, Ohio EPA director calls for improving the agency’s permitting process, meet Ohio Farm Bureau at the fair, social media workshops to help farmers engage online, Farmer engagement must move beyond ‘feeding the world’

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  • June23_2011-FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue June 23, 2011

    In this issue: Pushing for trade agreements, public policy victories, students tour a farm, remembering why Farm Bureau was founded, Animals for Life Foundation accepting online donations, county annual meeting dates.

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  • May26_BFN_Page1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue May 26, 2011

    In this issue: Farmers: Food safety proposals must fit Ohio; New state fair program links kids to the farm; Remembering Lindsay Hill; Skeptical consumers want transparency, credible information; Unwanted horses on the rise in the U.S. with no easy solution

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  • APR_21_11_BFN_Page1.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue April 21, 2011

    In this issue: Farm Bureau elects new leaders; transportation bill addresses weight variance,property rights issues; board reaches consensus on veal standards; state budget process continues to unfold; farmers consider consumer trust, animal care regulations; Name change among Zehringer’s hopes for ODA; preserving farmland in Fairfield County

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  • mar_24_11_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue March 24, 2011

    In this issue: County presidents go to Washington, D.C., agriculture programs facing state budget cuts, Marion County Farm Bureau's Follow Farming project, biogas expansion in Ohio, celebrating Ohio Agriculture Week March 14 to 18, food prices, JobsOhio--a new private/public development corporation.

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  • Feb_24_11Frontpage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue Feb. 24, 2011

    In this issue: Ag Day at the Capitol recap, putting estate taxes to rest, new opportunities for youth program, OFBF 2011 Priority Issues, Ohio Produce Marketing Agreement, gas leasing agreements, Grand Lake St. Mary's, farmland rental rates, meet new agriculture public officials, farmers share why Farm Bureau membership matters.

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  • jan_20_11_Frontpage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 01/20/2011

    In this issue: What owners should look for in oil, natural gas leases; estate tax relief a win for Farm Bureau; farmers show daily life, hard work in online diary; rebuilding trust key to preserving production; change at Statehouse could have implications for farmers; livestock board's proposal rethinks use of sow stalls; initiative highlights a shared connection to animals, Velvet Ice Cream flavor contest winner

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  • Dec_16_10_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 12/16/10

    Featured in the Dec. 16 issue: Recap of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting, including an overview of the delegate session, young agricultural professional winners, Distinguished Service and county Farm Bureau awards and remarks from John Kasich and Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee.

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  • BFN_Dec_30_10FRONTPAGE.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 12/30/2010

    Year in Review: The Story of 2010--The Food Movement, Our opportunity, OFBF weighs in on Supreme Court cases, Livestock board kept its authority to address animal care issues, farmers go social in 2010, member savings, investing in youth, AgriPOWER continues to develop new leaders

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  • Nov_11_10_FrontPage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 11/11/10

    Featured in Nov. 11 issue: Appeals court gives OK for 'rbST free' and other labels | Much to sort out as biotech seed patents approach expiration | Livestock board considers veal housing | Election 2010 - OFBF to engage new leaders on farm issues | Newsbriefs: OFBF responds to 'Dispatch' series | Shelby County FFA group wins 'Because I Care' contest | more....

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  • BFN_10-14-10_front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 10/14/2010

    Featured Oct. 14, 2010 issue: Contest draws dozens of positive farm-made videos | Livestock board proposes euthanasia standards | Former OFBF presidents hope to extend leadership in public office | A guide to CAUV | Farmers still sorting out EPA's spill prevention rules | more below

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  • BFN_9-23-10_front-pg.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 09/23/2010

    Featured Sept. 23, 2010 issue: Proposed climate legislation fell short | OFBF works to implement policy on water quality regulations | From farm to plate, how to manage salmonella risk | Who do you want telling your story? | How an animal rights group invented a scandal and the media's response

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  • BFN_9-9-10_front-pg.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 09/09/2010

    Featured Sept. 9, 2010 Issue: Farmers team up to take action | AgriPOWER Institute developing new leaders | Program to connect hunters and farmers growing | Ohio faces difficult choices as it seeks to balance budget | more

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  • BFN-Aug12_2010-front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 08/12/10

    Featured Aug. 12, 2010 Issue: Farmers taking action to help long-troubled Grand Lake St. Marys, Agreement doesn't get rubber stamp from livestock board, Remembering Debbie Porteus, Bob Evans, OFBF invest in youth with hog purchase, Stalled trade deals could lead to loss of market share, and more.

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  • BFN_7-15-10_front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 07/15/10

    Featured 07/15/10 Issue: The Agreement, Our Take: Livestock Care Board integrity worth protecting, Farmers engage on water issues, Conklin cleared of animal abuse, OFBF members consider policies to deal with budget gaps, and more.

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  • BFN_6-10-10_front-pg.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 06/10/10

    Featured 06/10/10 issue: Hunters, farmers face a shared threat, OFBF condemns abuse, stands up for Ohio farmers, I am Farm Bureau finalists announced, Livestock care board wraps up listening sessions, More conservation funding opportunities available through NRCS programs, and more.

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  • May13-2010-cover.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 05/13/2010

    Featured May 13, 2010 issue: Lawmakers act on farmers' concerns about leafy greens proposal, Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board gets to work, Livestock coalition meeting looks at animal care issues | Dinner table conversation | Where 'agvocates' go to get social | and more...

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  • BFN_4-15-10_front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 13

    Featured: April 15, 2010 issue - Livestock care board to start work, AgriPOWER graduates 22 advocates, Farm families make positive connections through contest, OFBF endorses May ballot Issues, Do you believe farming has a future in Ohio? OFBF sponsors training classes for humane officers

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  • Mar_25_10_BFN-front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 12

    Featured: March 25, 2010 Issue - Farmers travel to Washington to take on regulation, spending | House passes livestock bill 98-0; Senate vote expected soon | Farmers sway companies to end HSUS sponsorship | Ag expert sets record straight about misleading news report on antibiotics | more

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  • mar-11-2010_bfn_front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 11

    Featured: March 11, 2010 Issue - OFBF endorses Issue 1; Ohio governor, challenger address 300 farmers at OFBF's Ag Day; Legislative process continues to shape livestock board; Addressing consumers' concerns could pay off for farmers; Farm owner successfully battles city in eminent domain case...

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  • feb_18_BFN_front-pg.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 10

    Featured Feb. 18 Issue: Expect the Worst, Lawmakers continue to look into Ohio Livestock Care Board Funding, A growing backlash, AgriPOWER class explores Washington, Ag Education continues to thrive/evolve in Ohio, and more.

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  • feb4-2010-bfn-front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 9

    Featured Feb. 4, 2010 issue: Livestock care bill introduced, Buckeye State Sheriffs' Association supports OFBF's $2,500 Reward Program, Policies go up for a vote, Ohioans recognized at AFBF annual meeting, Riding the Wind, Animals for Life Foundation accepting donations

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  • jan21-2010-bfn-front-page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 8

    Featured Jan. 21, 2010 issue: Livestock Care Board begins to take shape, Climate Change legislation could support farmers' efforts to protect the environment - But at What Cost?, Farm Bureau pleased with Supreme Court ruling in zoning case, Proposals look to offer relief from Ohio's estate tax...

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  • Dec_31_BFN-front-cover.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 7

    2009: A Year in Review - True to Our Roots, Looking Back on Issue 2, A Better State, Watch on Washington, Animal Issues, Growing Grassroots, County Highlights and more.

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  • Dec17_09BFN_frontpage.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 6

    Featured Dec. 17, 2009 Issue: Hundreds of farmers set OFBF policies for 2010; New strategic plan will guide Ohio Farm Bureau; Ohio Farm Bureau trustees, officers elected; OFBF leaders celebrate Issue 2, realize work ahead; Farmers challenged to take on their critics

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  • Nov12-09_front_page.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 5

    Featured Nov. 15, 2009 Issue: Ohioans have spoken, Bills call for restructuring Ohio's government, Farm Bureau opposes proposed climate change legislation, Animal care issues could bring activists to farms, Public attitudes shape animal welfare debate, We can now all find agreement.

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  • Oct_15_CoverPic.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 4

    Featured Oct. 15, 2009 Issue: Take Issue 2 to town, Small farmers would be hit hardest by USDA food safety proposal, Final thoughts on Issue 2, Livestock care board checks and balances, Proposal would allow state inspected meat to cross state lines, Policy Development Committee starts annual process

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  • cover_9_24_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 3

    Featured September 24, 2009 issue: Farmers of Ohio unite behind Issue 2, CAUV increases, climate change bill update, new Web site matches farmers and hunters, discussion meet finalists and why Issue 2 is a good fit in the Ohio Constitution.

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  • cover_9_10_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 2

    Featured September 10, 2009 issue: What Issue 2 means to you, Farm Credit Services makes donation to support livestock farmers, OFBF hits all-time high membership and County Farm Bureau programs receive awards.

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  • cover_8_13_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 1

    Featured August 13, 2009 issue: Campaign to support a Nov. ballot measure will define how Ohio sets standards for livestock care taking shape, online grocery giveaway promotion spotlights Ohio farm families, regulations could add up on farms and team named for the Center for Food and Animal issues.

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  • 7_6_09_BFN_Cover.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 16

    Featured July 16, 2009 issue: Farmers say proposed livestock board is good for agriculture and consumers, Local action protects area farmers from road restriction, Climate change and water bills pose threat, Turfgrass industry pumps $3 billion into Ohio.

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  • COVER.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 15

    Featured June 11, 2009 issue: a different perspective of animal agriculture, a proposal to expand the Clean Water Act, how the government should address food safety and the potential for slot machines at Ohio racetracks.

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  • cover_5_14_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 14

    Featured May 14, 2009 issue: challenges presented by animal rights groups, EPA's greenhouse gas findings, hunter access program, NAIS, dairy labels and Farm Bureau in social media.

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  • cover_4_16_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 13

    Featured Apr. 16, 2009 issue: ATV trespassing law, Farm Bureau task force looks at the future, plans for broadband, recap of the Trends and Issues conference and BWC rate changes.

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  • cover_3_26_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 12

    Featured Mar. 26, 2009 issue: state budget, County President's trip to Washington D.C., Young Ag Professionals Leadership Conference and the 2009 OFBF Children's Literature Award winner.

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  • cover_3_12_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 11

    Featured Mar. 12, 2009 issue: dust regulations, a look at the new state legislature, Obama's plan for direct payments and barn fires.

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  • cover_2_26_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 10

    Featured Feb. 26, 2009 issue: recap of Ag Day at the Capital, Farm Bureau legislative priorities and mobile/regional poultry slaughterhouses.

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  • cover_2_5_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 9

    Featured in the Feb. 5, 2009 issue: a look at President Obama's team, deer damage, raw milk, metal theft and information from the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting.

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  • cover_1_15_09.jpg
    Buckeye Farm News Issue 8

    Featured Jan. 15, 2009 issue: challenges in the livestock industry, OFBF's President's Award winners and volunteer opportunities.

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Speak Out

Community councils are groups of couples and singles that meet regularly to develop camaraderie and community while discussing farm and family topics.

  • Nov2012AdvirsoryCouncils.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for December 2012 Issue Nov. 22, 2012

    At its October meeting, the Ohio Farm Bureau board approved changing the name of Advisory Councils to Community Councils, placing a renewed emphasis on the program and local involvement in county Farm Bureaus and community activities.

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  • AdvisoryCouncil-1.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for November 2012 Issue Oct. 11, 2012

    Locally, advisory councils can play an important role in making plans for their community and involving others in sharing the issues, challenges and solutions for community improvement. We want to hear from you.

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  • AdvisoryCouncils4.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for October 2012 Issue Sept. 13, 2012

    Education and Economic Development: Ohio’s economic and educational future are faced with many changes, challenges and opportunities.

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  • AdvisoryCouncil8.16_.12s_.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for September 2012 Issue Aug. 16, 2012

    How should CAUV apply to land in conservation programs?

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  • advisory21.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic 2 for August 2012 Issue July 19, 2012

    Now is the time to weigh in on proposed severance tax changes.

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  • AdvisoryCouncil11.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic 1 for August 2012 Issue July 19, 2012

    Groups debate federal animal care standards for egg laying hens

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  • AdvisoryCouncils3.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for June and July 2012 Issue June 14, 2012

    For this month’s council guide, we’d like to give you the chance to talk through the questions that Ohio’s Discussion Meet contestants will be considering at this year’s OFBF Leadership Conference.

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  • AdvisoryCouncil1.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for April and May 2012 Issue April 19, 2012

    Farm Bureaus are currently holding policy development meetings. We encourage you to not only submit your ideas in writing, but to take the opportunity to join in the discussion in person. Contact your county Farm Bureau office for meeting information.

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  • BFNAdvisoryCouncils4_12.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for March 2012 Issue March 22, 2012

    With oil and gas leasing continuing to grow across Ohio, how does your advisory council weigh in on the issue? Some community members are enthusiastic while others have concerns. Ultimately, communities will be affected with both opportunities and challenges and not just locally.

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  • AdvisoryCouncils2.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for February 2012 Issue Feb. 16, 2012

    Advisory Council members shared an impressive number of responses to the topic provided in our most recent edition of 'Buckeye Farm News': “What is the most pressing question or issue that needs to be discussed by and for Ohio farmers?”

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  • AdvisoryCouncils1.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for January 2012 Issue Dec. 15, 2011

    We want to know what questions we should be asking. What policy issues are being overlooked that advisory councils feel need to be discussed?

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  • Nov17_AdvCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for December 2011 Issue Nov. 17, 2011

    After farmers raised concerns about USDA’s initial proposal on a national identification system, the agency has offered a revised plan. The deadline for the comment period has been extended to Dec. 9. Ohio Farm Bureau’s current policy supports a voluntary national animal identification system. It calls for uniform standards amongst states and says the plan must respond to concerns about cost, confidentiality and liability.

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  • AdvCouncil_124x184.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for November 2011 Issue Oct. 13, 2011

    There are lots of different opinions on some very real challenges facing food production. Farm Bureau needs your input on what the role of our organization should be in this conversation.

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  • Advisory_Councils.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for October 2011 Issue Sept. 8, 2011

    Ohio Farm Bureau members worked together and partnered with other organizations to make the quality of life better for farmers and their local communities. These projects and innovations created jobs, brought in revenue that helped pay for schools and roads and so much more by asking two basic questions: “What can we do to make the quality of life better for Ohio farmers and their neighbors?” and “Who can we involve that shares our interests to help us get things done?”

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  • AdvCouncil_8-25-11.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for September 2011 Issue Aug. 25, 2011

    We can tell people what we do and how we do it (how we educate) but it’s vital that we share why we do it (why it’s important to you, the farmer, and why you choose farming over anything else you could do) that builds that bridge (a conversation that connects).

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  • AdvisoryCouncils.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for August 2011 Issue July 21, 2011

    Congress is embarking on the task of writing a new farm bill. We want to know your thoughts about government policy when it comes to supporting our food supply. Use these questions to guide your conversation, and we’ll print a summary of your responses in an upcoming "Buckeye Farm News."

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  • June23_2011-AdvisoryCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for July 2011 Issue June 23, 2011

    Many council members made a specific choice to be a farmer or involved in agriculture. The reason you chose agriculture as a way of life for you and your family was not simply to make money or only because your parents or grandparents were farmers. This article has real statements from real farmers explaining the core reason why they farm. It’s your turn to share your “why."

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  • May_26_AdvisoryCouncils.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for June 2011 Issue May 26, 2011

    Unwanted Horses

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  • APR_21_11_AdvisoryCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for May 2011 Issue April 21, 2011

    Young Agricultural Professionals

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  • mar_24_11_ACouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for April 2011 Issue March 24, 2011

    Bringing it to the Table

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  • Feb_24_11AdvisoryCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for March 2011 Issue Feb. 24, 2011

    Policy Development

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  • jan_20_11_AdvisoryCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for February 2011 Issue 01/20/2011

    Oil and Gas Leasing

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  • AdvisoryCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for January 2011 Issue 12/16/2010

    Tell Ohio Farm Bureau at least one serious and specific goal your council has for 2011.

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  • Nov_11_10_AdvisoryCouncils1.jpg
    Speak Out Discussion Topics - Nov. 11, 2010 Issue 11/11/10

    Advisory Council Questions: Biotech Seed Patents

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  • Oct_14_10BFN_AdvCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for November 2010 Issue 10/14/10

    Ohio farmers love their land. They care for it, protect it and manage it. In the past, advisory councils have spoken out on property rights issues such as ATVs. trespassing/privacy and line fences. Now we'd like to hear about your concerns with water & property rights.

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  • BFN_9-23-10_AdvCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics Issue Issue: 09/23/2010

    Election 2010: See Ohio Farm Bureau's 2010 Election Guide, delivered with your Sept. 23, 2010 Buckeye Farm News to answer the questions contained in this document.

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  • BFN_9-9-10_adv-council.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topic for October, 2010 Issue Issue: 9/09/2010

    Balancing the Budget -- Ohio’s constitution requires the state to pass a balanced budget. To do that, lawmakers are going to have to fill an $8.4 billion hole in the next fiscal cycle.

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  • BFN_August_2010_AdvCouncil_low-res.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for Aug. 12, 2010 Issue 08/12/10

    Grand Lake St. Marys - Regulations on nutrient management that have been proposed in the Grand Lake St. Marys Watershed could have ripple effects for farmers across Ohio.

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  • BFN_7-15-10_AdvCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for August 2010 Issue 07/15/10

    Where's the "rest of the story?"

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  • BFN_6-10-10_AdvCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for July 2010 Issue 06/10/10

    Livestock Farm Video/Livestock Care Standards

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  • AdvCouncil-May132010.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for May 13, 2010 Issue 05/13/2010

    Acting on your input. | Discussion for June Advisory Council Meetings | Council challenge

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  • BFN_4-15-10_adv-council.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for April 15, 2010 Issue 4/15/2010

    Do you believe farming has a future in Ohio? Policy Development.

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  • Mar_25_10_BFN-adv-council.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for March 25, 2010 Issue 03/25/2010

    Farmers travel to Washington to take on regulation, spending.

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  • 3-11-2010_bfn_adv_council.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for March 11, 2010 Issue 03/11/2010

    Consumer Concerns (see link to story below) and Honeybaked Ham Winners

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  • feb_18_bfn_adv-council.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for Feb. 18, 2010 Issue 02/18/2010

    Third Frontier renewal; package to go before voters in May

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  • feb_4_10BFN-advisory-council.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for Feb. 4, 2010 Issue 2/4/2010

    Wind Energy in Ohio & Honeybaked Ham Winners

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  • jan21-2010-bfn-advisory-council.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for Jan. 21, 2010 Issue 1/21/10

    Climate Change Legislation, "Fun Sheet," Honeybaked Ham Winner and other updates.

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  • Dec17_09BFNAdvCouncilImage.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion topics for Dec. 17, 2009 Issue 12/17

    Ohio Farm Bureau's strategic plan, Dairy and Pork Challenges, A selection of responses from previous council discussions and Honeybaked Ham winners.

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  • Nov12-09_AdvCouncil.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for November 2009 Issue 11/12

    Government Reorganization, Climate Change Legislation, Undercover Activists. Plus, responses to last issue's questions and Honeybaked Ham winners.

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  • Internet_Minutes.jpg
    Council Tool: Electronic Minutes Form Issue generic

    Use this form to record advisory council minutes from your meetings. The form may be e-mailed or printed and mailed to Ohio Farm Bureau.

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  • Web_Generic_RS1.jpg
    Council Tool: Generic Recording Form Issue 2009-2010

    Use this form to record advisory council responses to the topics presented in Buckeye Farm News. The form may be e-mailed or printed and mailed to Ohio Farm Bureau.

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  • October09SpeakOut.jpg
    Vote YES for Issue 2 Issue October 2009

    This fall, Ohioans have an important issue to support on the ballot. State Issue 2 is a proposal that, if passed, would create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

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  • AdvisoryCouncil_Oct15-image.jpg
    Speak Out: Discussion Topics for October 2009 Issue 10/15

    Interstate Meat Shipment, H1N1 Questions, Soil and Water Conservation District Funding. Plus, responses to last issue's questions and Honeybaked Ham Winners.

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  • September09SpeakOut.jpg
    Restoring Prosperity to Ohio Issue September 2009

    Farm families often rely on off-farm income, either to support on-farm activities or to provide family health insurance. Traditionally this off-farm income has come from jobs located in our county seats and larger cities. Many of those jobs no longer exist.

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  • August09SpeakOut.jpg
    Ohio's Food Policy Council Issue August 2009

    Traditionally, agricultural related issues were considered to be the purview of federal farm bill programs. Today, there is consumer interest in facets of agriculture that fall outside the realm of traditional federal policy.

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  • July09SpeakOut.jpg
    Social Media in Agriculture Issue July 2009

    Social media is collaborative on-line information sharing. Whether we are the audience or the authors, the gained value is relationship building (between customers, local community members, peers across the country, or recruits to a cause).

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  • June09SpeakOut.jpg
    Creating Animal Agriculture Activists Issue June 2009

    Animal agriculture is at a crossroads. Many view that today's top challenge for livestock farmers in their plight to produce safe, nutritious, affordable food is animal activists. It is time for advocates to speak up & share their values & positive experiences regarding animal agriculture.

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  • logo_advCouncil.jpg
    Council Tool: Council Roster Form Issue 2009-2010

    Advisory Councils use this form to submit their meeting occurrence and attendees.

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  • April09SpeakOut.jpg
    Identity Theft Issue April/May 2009

    Identity theft is a growing problem in this age of computers, electronic databases and increasingly cashless transactions. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year.

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  • March09SpeakOut.jpg
    Policy Development Issue March 2009

    Policy development is the foundation which our organization is built upon. The discussion on which you are about to embark will play a major role in what Farm Bureau will do beyond 2009.

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  • February09SpeakOut.jpg
    Climate Change, Windfall for Agriculture? Issue February 2009

    Climate change is big news these days. Whether you believe that global warming is a result of human activity or is a naturally occurring event, it is important that farmers understand the impact it could have on their farm operation.

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  • January09SpeakOut.jpg
    The Financial Crisis: How is Agriculture Affected? Issue January 2009

    Our economy seems to be on shaky ground, and many people are wondering how agriculture will fare? The financial crisis that we find ourselves in is a result of many factors, including the credit markets. Fortunately, agricultural lending seems to be weathering the storm at this time.

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