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Speak Out: Discussion Topics for November 2010

Issue 10/14/10 | October 14, 2010

Ohio farmers love their land. They care for it, protect it and manage it. In the past, advisory councils have spoken out on property rights issues such as ATVs. trespassing/privacy and line fences. Now we'd like to hear about your concerns with water & property rights.

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In This Issue

Read the story: Ohio Farm Bureau weighs in on Supreme Court property rights case

  • What concerns would you have if the State of Ohio gained ownership of the waterways that flow through private property as well their banks and shores?
  • What policy would you suggest that Ohio Farm Bureau adopt when it comes to balancing the rights of the landowner with the rights of the public to utilized navigable waters for activities such as recreation?
  • What other issues/concerns do you have in your community or on your farm when it comes to water and property rights? For example, Farm Bureau is fighting legislation that would make the Clean Water Acto apply to all waters of the United States rather than just navigable waters. This could extend federal jurisdiction to farm ponds and ditches.

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