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Speak Out: Discussion Topic for March 2011

Issue Feb. 24, 2011 | February 24, 2011

Policy Development

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Advisory Councils are groups of friends and neighbors that are part of Farm Bureau grassroots by speaking up for agriculture and suggesting policies and ideas that influence Farm Bureau policy at the local, state and national levels. 

What county, Ohio and/or American Farm Bureau policy ideas or recommendations does your council suggest? Your ideas will be shared with your county policy development committee. If you are not responding online and need more room to share your ideas, feel free to add additional pages using standard notebook or printer paper and attach it to your minutes.

List your responses as follows:1. County Farm Bureau policies2. Ohio Farm Bureau policies3. American Farm Bureau policies

Reach out idea: This special topic is a key opportunity to invite someone new to experience an Advisory Council meeting and Farm Bureau at its grassroots best. Who could you ask?

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