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Speak Out: Discussion Topic for April 2011

Issue March 24, 2011 | March 23, 2011

Bringing it to the Table

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One of OFBF’s 2011 goals is to “Connect consumers to food production.”  On page 9, you can read how many of the speakers at Ohio Farm Bureau’s recent Bringing it to the Table conference highlighted just how important that goal will be to the future of the food system.

What do you see is Farm Bureau’s greatest challenge to accomplishing the goal of connecting consumers to food production, and how can we overcome it?Consider the average consumer is two generations removed from the farm. Conversely, the average farmer is two generations removed from the average consumer.

What is the best, most positive message that farmers can use to connect with consumers?The old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child” is true for agriculture: it takes a “village” to feed a person. The Bringing to the Table conference sought to bring together Ohio’s diverse food community to foster collaboration in food production.

Farmers, grocers, food scientists, meat processors, restaurant owners, food manufacturers, transporters and so many more are all part of the “village” it takes to get the food from the gate to the plate.

When it comes to others in the “village”, who can/should Farm Bureau reach out to in order to better connect or strengthen relationships? As a result of your discussion, what policy does your council suggest?

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