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Specialization in Agriculture

Episode February 2009 | February 20, 2009

Specialization is not uncommon within the medical profession, and it's becoming even more common in the agriculture sector. Many producers have streamlined their operations, helping them to remain viable in agriculture.

Show Notes

The children's song 'Ol' McDonald Had a Farm' presents the image of a small operation with a few chickens, a cow and maybe a couple of hogs.  But today's agricultural operations don't always fall into this scenario.  Many agricultural producers have become specialists within a particular field, producing a specific product or offering a specific service as a way of staying competitive within the market.

In this segment, our guests tell why specialization in the agricultural industry is prevalent and how it has changed their farming operations.  Guest include Scott Myers of Woodlyn Acres LLC and Lloyd Mumaw of Musala Farms, both in Wayne County.  Dr. Allan Lines, professor emeritus of agricultural economics at Ohio State University shares the economic aspect of specialization, and David White, senior director of policy and research development for Ohio Farm Bureau gives some background into this trend.

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