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Mentorship in Agriculture

Episode March 2009 | March 01, 2009

Extending a helping hand to someone can take lots of different forms. One of the most effective ways to help and make a lifelong impact is by becoming a mentor. This was the case for two farmers from Wood County.

Show Notes

Ryan Miller always had a passion for farming, even as a young boy.  His dream was to take over the family’s Wood County farm when he got older.  But when Ryan was seven his father was seriously injured in a tractor accident making it impossible for them to continue the family operation. This did not squelch Ryan’s love for farming, and thanks to a neighboring farmer, David Adams who was willing to take young Ryan under his tutelage, he has been able to fulfill this boyhood dream.

Other guests include Jack Fisher, executive vice president of Ohio Farm Bureau and Darrell Rubel who serves as Ohio Farm Bureau's director of volunteer development, as they discuss the importance and benefits of mentorship.

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