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Wildlife Management and Control

Episode April 2009 | April 01, 2009

As magnificent as they can be, some animals destroy property, especially when their populations are out of balance. This is a problem being addressed by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, landowners and Ohio Farm Bureau.

Show Notes

For many Ohio residents and visitors, observing the wildlife in our state can be very enjoyable.  But for others the population of certain species can be a nuisance.  Species such as whitetail deer and Canada geese have the capability to do considerable damage to crops and landscapes.  So who is responsible for the control and management of our wildlife population, and what is being done to alleviate some of the damage caused by wildlife?

In this video, Ohio Farm Bureau’s Director of Legislative Relations Chris Henney and Ohio’s Division of Wildlife’s Executive Administrator of Wildlife Management and Research Dave Risely address these questions.  Other guests include Roger Bower of Fairfield County and Clark Sheets Jr. of Hocking County who have seen large amounts of damage to their crops.

Currently Ohio Farm Bureau is working in conjunction with the Division of Wildlife to find solutions to the wildlife population issues.


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