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Get the 2014 Farm Bill details, make the right decision

Published Jan. 13, 2015

According to Schnitkey and Westhoff, there are essentially three real choices that a farmer makes under the 2014 farm bill.

This indoor farm is 100 times more productive than outdoor fields

Published Jan. 13, 2015

The entire thing is stored inside a building measuring around 2,500 square metres (25,000 square feet), and now versions of the set-up are being built in Hong Kong - with future construction planned in Russia, mainland China and Mongolia.

In the Age of Viral Video, Livestock Farms Must Embrace Transparency

Published Jan. 13, 2015

“[We’re] pushing animal production to the point that we’re starting to have trouble with animal biology. We need to look at what is optimal, not what’s maximum,” she added, pointing to an increase in lame or emaciated dairy cows showing up at slaughtering facilities.

Football Buckeyes had a great season off the field with help from a local farm

Published Jan. 13, 2015

All of the food waste collected from the stadium is transported to Price Farms Organics, a composting facility in Delaware, Ohio. The waste is sorted, composted and eventually turned into a mulch called, “Stadium Scarlet,” and is available for customers to purchase at their facility on Warrensburg Road.

Temple Grandin: Animal Welfare Begins on the Farm

Published Jan. 14, 2015

Grandin told National Journal after her speech that there is no way to monitor every ranch and farm. But she has already told retailers that she believes they could conduct random audits of farms and ranches that would stop some of the egregious practices she is seeing. Grandin said she hopes to avoid government regulation. Activists are bound to use her words to call for more regulation.

Opting out: Farm bill exempts more organic farmers from checkoffs

Published Jan. 14, 2015

There are 22 national research and promotion checkoff programs. The USDA estimates the organic exemption has freed up $13.6 million for the organic sector, which produces an estimated $35 billion in annual sales, according to the USDA.

Farm Bureau Delegates Set Public Policy Positions for 2015

Published Jan. 14, 2015

“Our delegates are the men and women growing the food and fiber for our nation and much of the rest of the world every day,” said AFBF President Bob Stallman. “They have made great strides over the last decades in improving their environmental performance, in adopting cutting edge technologies and taking actions to make sure they can pass their farms and ranches on to the next generation.”

Mid-Ohio Growers Meeting offers practical, profitable approach

Published Jan. 14, 2015

In a panel discussion about operating costs and budgeting, local tax accountant Raymond Miller and Marlin Yoder, a produce grower from Indiana, challenged growers to do a better job of keeping records and tracking costs related to their business.

The economic impact of Section 179

Published Jan. 14, 2015

The measure, known as Section 179, included the purchases of farm equipment, which caused a bit of a holiday shopping rush at implement dealers across the country.

Help wanted: 8 reasons to pursue a career in agriculture

Published Jan. 15, 2015

While agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry that directly affects everyone in the world each day, employers still struggle to find qualified candidates that are enthusiastic about the industry and need.