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Why immigration reform matters to agriculture

Published Sep. 2, 2015

Without immigration reform, the loss farm workers could ripple through the entire ag-based economy with potentially long-term negative effects.

Why gender roles are becoming obsolete in agriculture

Published Aug. 31, 2015

“On the farm, I wasn’t just daddy’s little girl, I insisted on doing just as much as my brother. I wanted to be treated just like the boys and would not have it any other way. It doesn’t matter if you just got home from gymnastics or the salon, when you return to the farm and it’s time for chores, all bets are off

Using ag grants to achieve on-farm objectives

Published Aug. 31, 2015

Producers who want to add sustainable agriculture practices to their farm operations may be able to use grant funds to do so – if they know where to look and how to write a winning grant proposal, according to an educator with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University

USDA expands whole-farm safety net coverage

Published Aug. 28, 2015

USDA on Thursday said it is expanding its Whole-Farm Revenue Protection insurance option to all counties in the U.S. for 2016, while also making changes to expand coverage for beginning, organic, and fruit and vegetable growers.

U.S. Farm Income to Fall to Lowest Level in Nine Years

Published Aug. 26, 2015

Net farm income will drop to $58.3 billion from $91.1 billion in 2014, marking the largest percentage decline since 1983, including when figures are adjusted for inflation. The projected decrease would mark the second consecutive drop after incomes reached nominal record highs in 2013, according to the USDA.

Tom Vilsack on Updated Forecast for U.S. Agricultural Exports

Published Aug. 28, 2015

"The strong pace of American agricultural exports continues. Fiscal years 2015 and 2016 exports are forecast to be the third- and fourth-highest on record, respectively. Bulk export volumes are expected to rise in fiscal year 2016 and reach near record levels, and horticultural and livestock product exports are also expected to be higher.

These states hit hardest by falling farm prices

Published Sep. 3, 2015

Last week, the Department of Agriculture predicted that farm incomes will drop to less than half the peak reached two years ago. The USDA projected farm incomes this year will come in at less than $59 billion, down 36 percent from last year and 53 percent from a record high of $123.7 billion two years ago.

The Sharing Economy Comes to the Farm

Published Aug. 28, 2015

Run by Ron LeMay, who headed Sprint’s wireless division until 2003, the company has created a platform to help farmers rent out their unused equipment to growers who may be hundreds of miles away to take advantage of the differences in peak harvest seasons.

The Agriculture Bubble Is Bursting : Corn, Pork & Beef Prices Will Sink With It

Published Sep. 3, 2015

Farm Income and Finances Report issued on August 25th has spooked a lot of agriculture industry analysts. I have been making this point for some time; prices of everything from corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, cotton, poultry, pork, beef, farm equipment…and land values will all revert to their long term mean price levels. Investors should be aware of this risk.

Teachers and students testify about demand for ag educators

Published Sep. 3, 2015

The USDA estimates there will be 60,000 ag job openings annually, and only 35,000 graduates to fill them, said Graham Cochran, interim chairman of Ohio State University’s Department of Ag Communication, Education and Leadership