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Hord: From 10 pigs to livestock empire

Published Sep. 2, 2014

For five generations, the Hord family's business has been growing, changing and flourishing. The multimillion-dollar farm operation, which includes Hord Livestock Inc. and Hord Family Farms, began with just ten pigs.

Silage harvest timing

Published Aug. 28, 2014

Corn development has accelerated with the recent warm temperatures. Silage harvest has begun in some parts of Ohio with earlier planting dates. Proper harvest timing is critical because it ensures the proper dry matter content required for high quality preservation, which in turn results in good animal performance and lower feed costs.

U.S. Farm Incomes Forecast to Fall

Published Aug. 28, 2014

Federal forecasters projected net farm income would slide to $113.2 billion from an estimated $131.3 billion in 2013, which was the highest since 1973 on an inflation-adjusted basis.

Farm Bill Has Become a Midterm Flash Point

Published Aug. 27, 2014

Democrats in at least five other battleground states in this year's tight contest to determine control of the Senate are highlighting their support for the bill while many GOP candidates are saying Congress missed an opportunity to overhaul costly food-stamp and farm programs.

Coalition: Collaboration needed to address water issues

Published Aug. 27, 2014

HwO is a uniquely diverse group of stakeholders from conservation, business and industry, universities, water suppliers, agriculture, public health and others. The group, launched publicly in July, is developing a 20- to 30-year management strategy to address water issues for Ohio. One priority issue is toxic algae.