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What do top farmers have in common?

Published Jul. 7, 2015

A passion and commitment to farming, for sure, is one of the traits you see in those farmers. They're in it for the long haul and work to do the best they can and continually improve what's been entrusted to them.

Western Ohio Century Farm keeps family and agriculture as priorities

Published Jun. 25, 2015

A commitment to family and agriculture chronicle the rich 190-year history of the Good-Woodruff Farm of Champaign County that started with a unique tale of love and perseverance

Western Lake Erie basin farmers can apply for funds

Published Jun. 30, 2015

Farmers in the western Lake Erie basin can start submitting applications July 1 for $17.5 million in federal money to pay for cover crops, drainage strategies, and other measures aimed at keeping algae-feeding pollutants out of the lake.

View USDA’s June 30 planted acreage report with healthy skepticism

Published Jul. 2, 2015

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates there are 85.1 million acres of soybeans planted in the United States for 2015, up 2 percent from last year and setting a new record high. In contrast, growers planted an estimated 88.9 million acres to corn, the lowest corn acreage in the United States in the last half a decade.

USDA: U.S. Corn Crop Rating Improves

Published Jul. 7, 2015

n its Weekly Crop Progress Report, the USDA rated the U.S. corn crop at 69% good/excellent, slightly above last week’s 68%. However, the corn crop is silking at a rate of 12% vs. the 18% five-year average. For soybeans, the USDA rated the crop as 63% good/excellent vs. 63% a week ago. With 96% of the crop planted vs. 100% a year ago, that leaves about 3.2 million acres left to plant.