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Demand for natural foods is changing iconic products

Published Apr. 6, 2015

Consumer demand for healthier and more natural ingredients is prompting a growing number of corporate giants, including Hershey Co. and McDonald's Corp., to overhaul iconic products they sell, a trend industry watchers say is just getting started.

Are ethanol's days now numbered?

Published Apr. 6, 2015

Ethanol was really the first "renewable" energy source that made big inroads in energy in the U.S., well before wind or solar energy became the industries they are today. But ethanol's fundamental flaws have become more challenging than many ethanol fans want to admit and make this a poor industry for long-term investors.

Brown defends not requiring water cuts for California farmers

Published Apr. 6, 2015

“If you don’t want to produce any food and import it from some other place, of course you could do that,” Brown said.

Obama’s proposed clean-water rule stirs debate

Published Apr. 6, 2015

critics say the rule is another example of the Obama administration’s overreach. They say the rule could have the unintended consequence of putting ditches, driveways and even low spots under the jurisdiction of the EPA, making it virtually impossible to farm or develop rural lands without first receiving a permit.

New Generation of Biologically Based Products

Published Apr. 7, 2015

This new generation of biologically based products can be applied through in-furrow, seed-coated, or foliar treatments. In soybeans, some of you have treated seed with Poncho/Votivo. The Votivo part consists of seed-coated bacterial spores that germinate and protect roots from soybean cyst nematode by forming a protective barrier.