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“Farmland” coming to a theater near you

Published Apr. 7, 2014

In the film, Moll goes behind-the-scenes and follows six young American farmers and ranchers whose passion for their jobs is extremely inspirational. In doing so, Farmland takes an intimate look at the lives of farmers and ranchers who are in their 20s, all of whom are responsible for running their farming businesses.

‘Historic Wins’ for Organic Industry in New Farm Bill

Published Apr. 3, 2014

Vilsack also said that the industry is growing at a record pace as more than 25,000 certified organic operations in 120 countries registered with USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

"Farmland' gives a glimpse of boots-on-the-ground agriculture

Published Apr. 4, 2014

While each of the six were passionate about their little corner of the industry and held deeply-rooted opinions (that they were willing to share) about the production practices they choose, all six repeatedly reiterated that the diversity in agriculture today ultimately benefits the consumer.

2014 Farm Bill means big changes for agriculture

Published Apr. 14, 2014

Though Direct Payments have often been maligned in their nearly two-decade history, they were an efficient means of providing assistance that empowered farm families to manage their risk as they saw fit. But direct payments have been eliminated in order to execute a 30% cut to the Commodity Title

Agriculture Education Blooms in Urban, Rural High Schools

Published Apr. 2, 2014

In addition to many career opportunities in the field, agriculture classes allow students to practice real applications of math, science and English concepts, and is among the reasons why high schools are embracing agriculture education, says Jay Jackman, executive director of the National Association of Agricultural Educators.