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Algal bloom meeting

Published Sep. 29, 2014

Experts, including Reutter, say phosphorus runoff from farmland is a cause of the harmful algal blooms plaguing Lake Erie and other lakes. In August, toxins from a bloom in western Lake Erie led to a two-day drinking water ban in Toledo.

Former Ohio Rep. Traficant dies from injuries sustained in farm accident

Published Sep. 29, 2014

He was gravely injured Tuesday when a tractor flipped over on him at his family’s farm, near Youngstown, Ohio.

U.S.D.A. to Start Program to Support Local and Organic Farming

Published Sep. 29, 2014

The local food movement has been one of the fastest growing segments of the business, as consumers seek to know more about where, how and by whom their food is grown

USDA allows commercialization of Enlist

Published Sep. 26, 2014

The Enlist traits are part of the Enlist Weed Control System, a new trait and herbicide technology that will control herbicide-resistant and tough weeds. USDA’s decision applies to the Enlist corn, Enlist soybean and Enlist E3 soybean traits.

'Natural,' 'Organic,' 'Free-Range' Meal, But You Don't Know what that means

Published Sep. 26, 2014

More trendy restaurants are serving food that seems easier on the environment, but customers often aren't quite sure what they're getting. Does a "grass-fed" steak differ from "pasture-raised"? Can seafood really be described as "organic"?

Sustainable agriculture: What’s it mean to you?

Published Sep. 26, 2014

The buzz word has been making its rounds through the agriculture industry for quite some time now, taking on new meanings and interpretations by the day. According to a recent global study, consumers and farmers don’t quite see eye to eye when it comes to their take on the definition regarding agricultural practices

New Generation of GM Crops Puts Agriculture in a ‘Crisis Situation’

Published Sep. 26, 2014

Food safety activists have promised to fight the crops—corn and soybeans designed to tolerate multiple herbicides—in court. They and many scientists argue that these crops will harm environmental and possibly human health. The companies that make them say they’re providing a much-needed tool to fight the growing scourge of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Published Sep. 26, 2014

The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, to which the United States contributes, aims to deepen and broaden mitigation research through collaboration and data sharing.

USDA Rolls Out Details of 2014 Farm Bill Safety Net Options

Published Sep. 26, 2014

Producers may navigate to the USDA FSA website to review online tools designed in partnership with the University of Missouri, the University of Illinois and Texas A&M that will populate based on different selection scenarios. The two choices will be either Price Loss Coverage – which includes either an individual or county yield option – and Agricultural Risk Coverage.

Start the Conversation: Let’s Talk About Animal Agriculture

Published Sep. 25, 2014

Modeled after quick-reference subject-area cards found in bookstores, the single-page, front and back laminated cards feature questions, answers and suggested strategies for meaningful discussion.