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Published Apr. 14, 2015

Americans for Limited Government Foundation (ALG) is releasing a study explaining how government regulations and tax pressures on the U.S. agriculture industry reduce America’s international competitiveness.

Drought Drys Up Calif. Farm Jobs

Published Apr. 14, 2015

But the drought forced California farmers to fallow 500,000 acres of land in 2014. And the number could double in 2015, experts say.

Wheat price manipulation complaint filed

Published Apr. 13, 2015

Last week, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) charged Kraft Foods Group, Inc. and Mondel?z Global LLC with manipulation and attempted manipulation of the prices of cash wheat and wheat futures.

Terminating cover crops

Published Apr. 13, 2015

“To get the best kill on cereal rye and ryegrass, it must be actively growing,” said Beck’s Hybrids Agronomist Alex Johnson. “If your neighbors are mowing grass, that’s a good sign that the cover crops are ready to be sprayed.”

Food will get cheaper for Americans, and here's why

Published Apr. 13, 2015

"Agricultural commodities are an important component of food prices, but they often comprise a pretty small share of the overall food dollar," commented Jayson Lusk, a professor of agricultural economics at Oklahoma State University.

No surprises in April 9 USDA Crop Production report

Published Apr. 10, 2015

Corn ending stocks were increased 50 million bushels to 1.827 billion bushels, less than expected. Corn fed to livestock was reduced 50 million bushels. Corn exports were unchanged as expected.

Farm assets threaten long-term care, Medicaid coverage

Published Apr. 10, 2015

“Long-term health care costs seem to be growing, and without preplanning, Medicaid often isn’t a good fallback for many farmers due to the wealth tied to land ownership,” said Hall, who is also an assistant professor for OSU Extension.

Precision Agriculture Develops Better Farm Managers

Published Apr. 10, 2015

Speakers say precision technology improves profitability and, perhaps more importantly, promotes environmental stewardship

Scientists, agriculture experts explore ways to produce more food with low pollu

Published Apr. 10, 2015

He calls it a "Mo Fo Lo Po": more food, low pollution.

Ohio poultry at risk for a potent strain of avian influenza

Published Apr. 9, 2015

Though it is not present in Ohio, poultry owners should still be on high alert for signs of a novel strain of avian influenza capable of completely wiping out entire commercial flocks, exhibition birds and backyard poultry.