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Ohio farmers, itching to plant, watch markets continue lower

Published Apr. 29, 2015

Now we are looking at prices that have us wondering if there will be profit in farming with any but the best crop yields. Now we are agonizing about forward contracting corn and beans, and wondering when to pull the plug on needed corn sales. Now we are wondering if some of our price-inflated inputs will ever get cheaper again.

OFBF talks CAUV in Mansfield

Published May. 1, 2015

The value of Ohio farmland, and property tax increases on it, were discussed Thursday at the Mansfield Kiwanis Club meeting. The guest speaker was Amy Milam, Director of Legal Education for the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Obama administration is taking on agriculture’s role in climate change

Published Apr. 27, 2015

The broad suite of policies includes targeting livestock related emissions — by increasing anaerobic digestion, making sure there are roofs to contain some methane emissions, and also changing grazing habits so as to preserve more carbon in soils — the reforestation of fire or pest-damaged areas, and much more.

Nitrogen management

Published Apr. 27, 2015

With a slow start to spring corn planting, we also do not have our pre-plant nitrogen on yet in many cases. For both economical and environmental reasons it is better to wait to apply, so this may be a win-win.

Lower crop prices, formula changes, point to lower CAUV values in the future

Published Apr. 29, 2015

Owners of Agricultural land enrolled in the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) property tax program in the 24 counties that are experiencing a reappraisal or triennial update in 2015 (payable in 2016) will see the highest CAUV values in history, . However, lower crop prices and changes made to the CAUV formula by the Ohio Department of Taxation point to lower CAUV values in the future.

Learning about agriculture Harvard students visit the Midwest

Published Apr. 27, 2015

Students from Harvard’s Kennedy School spent their spring break on Farm Trek 2015, a trip designed to help them better understand where their food comes from, the intricacies of the farm bill and familiarize them with challenges the agricultural community faces in the future.

International trade helps Ohio and Cleveland

Published May. 1, 2015

More than one in five Ohio jobs across all sectors depends upon international trade. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Ohio's agricultural exports alone reached an estimated $4.4 billion in 2013. This boosted farm prices and income, while supporting about 33,300 jobs

Inaugural “Breakfast on the Farm” for Northwest Ohio June 13

Published May. 6, 2015

BOTF is a free family-friendly event that gives the general public a firsthand look at modern food production. Participants will be able to enjoy a breakfast featuring an Ohio-grown and produced menu of items as well as a self-guided tour.

How big data is revolutionizing farming

Published Apr. 30, 2015

“The reason we started 640 was there was a tremendous amount of data being left out in the field,” says Rupp, who grew up on a farm in Iowa and, post-Motorola, worked on GPS systems for tractors at Moline-based Deere. “What we wanted to do was get that data up into the cloud so we can do analytics and help that farmer become a better farmer.”

Historical perspective of planting corn in April

Published Apr. 23, 2015

The data also show that in most years, even those with slow starts due to persistent cold weather in April, 60 percent or more of corn acres were planted by May 10, which is within the optimal planting date window.