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Legislation designed to boost Ohio agritourism

Published Jul. 15, 2014

Sen. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, said Senate Bill 334 is designed to address many of the liability and regulatory challenges that affect the state’s agritourism industry. “Agritourism welcomes visitors to take part in operations on a farm; these activities can range from participating in a hayride to picking your own apples,” she said.

Marcellus and Utica shale drilling permits: Monroe County is drilling hot spot

Published Jul. 9, 2014

SALEM, Ohio — Drillers appear to be running toward Monroe County, Ohio, to drill what they see as promising Utica shale wells. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reported 25 new permits were issued for drilling in Monroe County during June.

Most Crops Looking Nice and Green

Published Jul. 10, 2014

Midsummer in the Midwest. Corn tassels, soybeans bloom, wheat matures and all is right with the world. If you’re lucky. If your fields with wet feet dried out in time for the plants to bounce back. If the hail and wind missed your neck of the woods. It’s all about luck.

Obama's EPA chief calls farm bureau worries hogwash

Published Jul. 10, 2014

Calling some assertions about the rule "silly" and "ludicrous," McCarthy said her trip to Missouri is part of a broader campaign to reassure the agriculture community and "set the record straight." "I'm hoping this trip helps us ditch the myths and misinformation" about the rule, she said.

ODA is spreading the word on sensitive crops

Published Jul. 18, 2014

COLUMBUS — Seeing an Ohio soybean crop being sprayed with herbicide in July used to be as likely as a summer snowfall on the same field. But concerns that such late-season applications of herbicides like dicamba and 2,4-D could become more common has led to the development of the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry (OSCR).


Published Jul. 18, 2014

High prices, unrelenting demand and decent weather have Ohio’s cattle herds once again on the rise. Buckeye ranchers added 2 percent to their stock this year over last, one of the few states to do so, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.


Published Jul. 21, 2014

WOOSTER, Ohio -- As the world population increases, so do the challenges for the agricultural industry, according to Philip Shull, an agricultural counselor for the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service. The Wooster native, most recently posted at the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines, described the challenges when he spoke at a Wooster Kiwanis meeting.

Ohio inmates gardening for a difference

Published Jul. 18, 2014

PORTSMOUTH -- Prison inmates of the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility have been known to work together and complete community service projects that benefit various area organizations. Most recently, the inmates have grown flats of flowers through their agriculture group and donated them to various gardens operated through the Scioto Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).

Ohio study finds more costs than benefits in shale gas drilling

Published Jul. 9, 2014

Even before the most recent recession, Carroll County in rural eastern Ohio was struggling. Employment prospects were sparse and young people were fleeing for opportunities elsewhere. Then came 2011 and arrival of the shale industry, giving the local economy an injection of jobs and the attendant financial benefits an influx of new business creates.

Ohioans take part in National Day of Action for meaningful immigration reform

Published Jul. 10, 2014

“We are very concerned that, in an overall picture, our food supply is at risk,” said Bill Dodd, President of Ohio Fruit Growers Marketing Association and Owner of Dodd’s Hillcrest Orchards, Amherst, OH. “At least 80% of the workers in my industry are migrant workers and in many cases undocumented.”