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Climate aid needed for 500 million small farmers - researchers

Published Sep. 25, 2014

Small-scale farmers need better access to crop insurance and weather information to boost resilience, said Bruce Campbell, an ecologist who leads the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

Exhibit honoring the contributions of women in agriculture at FSR

Published Sep. 18, 2014

“Agriculture is for everyone, but many people don’t realize just how important women are to an operation’s success,” she said. “They’re the wife, the finance person, the mother, the go-fer, the shuttle-bus driver. “They’re also often the owner-operator, and have been the largest growing segment of the food/ag business sector.that.”

Facing Likely Defeat, EPA Abandons Key Farm Case in West Virginia

Published Sep. 23, 2014

“EPA knows its effort to regulate perfectly well-run farms cannot withstand legal scrutiny, and the agency doesn’t quite know how to deal with that,” AFBF President Bob Stallman said. Both AFBF and the West Virginia Farm Bureau joined the suit on the side of Alt.

Factors affecting corn dry down in the field

Published Sep. 23, 2014

Hybrids that live longer are not going to die earlier and dry fast. Management decisions such as planting date, plant population, amount of nitrogen used, and use of foliar fungicides all affect the rate of dry down and grain moisture at harvest.

Farm Bill decision hot topic at Farm Science Review

Published Sep. 17, 2014

“This is an opportunity for producers to think strategically about the farm, its cash flow, its exposure to risk, and the means available to manage the risk,” he said. “The confluence of a lower price environment and the farm program decision provides a meaningful opportunity to consider your objectives for the farm.”