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Survey aims to understand consumer attitudes on farming, sustainability

Published Sep. 3, 2015

About 56% of people responding to a recent survey on agriculture and sustainability agree that "farmers and ranchers use new technologies and innovations to protect the environment." But only 47% say "The way that most of today's farming and ranching operations in the U.S. grow and raise food meets the standards of sustainability."

State board to rule on Huron County wind farm

Published Aug. 25, 2015

Last year, the board approved an application to build the Greenwich Windpark in Greenwich. The project involves 25 wind turbines, about 490 feet high, with rotor diameters of up to 383 feet. The project would cover 4,650 acres of land from 26 landowners

Precision Agriculture Eats Data, CPU Cycles: It's A Perfect Fit For Cloud Servic

Published Aug. 26, 2015

One look at a chart of corn yields, which have increased four-fold since the early 50′s, shows that farmers are marching to their own version of Moore’s Law.

OSU Extension calls for voluntary poultry registration

Published Sep. 2, 2015

“It’s a critical part of our countywide emergency preparedness plan,” stated Sarah Noggle, Extension Educator for Agriculture and Natural Resources in Paulding County. “If avian influenza (AI), also known as the bird flu, were to hit Paulding County, it would be very devastating to our county as a whole.”

Ohioan named finalist in America's Pig Farmer contest

Published Sep. 2, 2015

The National Pork Board has selected the four finalists in its newest contest, America's Pig Farmer of the Year, including Lauren Schwab of Somerville, Ohio.