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USDA Pegs Rail Losses at a Half-Billion Dollars

Published Mar. 13, 2015

Upper Midwest farmers lost about $570 million on sales of soybeans, wheat, and corn last year because of painful rail delays that began with the bumper 2013 harvest and persisted into fall 2014. The snarl-up could lead to closer federal monitoring of railroads

USDA farm bill program selection deadline is coming

Published Mar. 26, 2015

Farmers have until the end of the day on March 31 to elect which USDA farm program they want to participate in for the five-year life of the new 2014 Farm Bill. The choices are Agriculture Risk Coverage-County, Agricultural Risk Coverage-Individual or Price Loss Coverage. March 31 also is the deadline for landowners to reallocate base acres and update their FSA program yields,

U.S. exports at risk as bird flu hits heart of poultry country

Published Mar. 13, 2015

Mexico, the biggest buyer of U.S. chicken, and other major countries imposed new import restrictions on Thursday after a virulent form of bird flu was found at the heart of America’s poultry region.

Too early to condemn farm bill for high costs Read more:

Published Mar. 26, 2015

First, for the decade from fiscal year 2015 through 2024, mandatory government spending for agriculture — including conservation and crop insurance programs — is expected to average substantially less than the average for the prior two decades.

Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on National Agriculture Day

Published Mar. 26, 2015

"On this National Agriculture Day, we acknowledge the impact of American agriculture on our daily lives and our nation's economy. We thank the scientists, conservationists, farmers and ranchers dedicated to the work that feeds the nation and helps to keep us safe.

Senators urge USDA, HHS to keep lean meat in Dietary Guidelines

Published Mar. 13, 2015

In February, a panel of nutrition experts - the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) - released a report suggesting a healthy diet consisted of lower quantities of lean meat, inflaming meat and livestock groups eager to defend their products

Proposed hog farm raises a stink in Van Wert County

Published Mar. 17, 2015

They’re worried about the smell and possible health risks a hog farm could bring. The farm’s developer said it has the regulations in place to ensure safety and minimize odor.

Ohio legislature approves new nutrient bill

Published Mar. 26, 2015

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber, R-District 12, said the bill is “all about making sure that whether the water comes from Grand Lake St. Marys or Lake Erie, that we have healthy clean water, and at the same time making sure that we protect and preserve Ohio’s number one industry — agriculture.”

Ohio farmers keen on hops

Published Mar. 24, 2015

It's an unfamiliar sight in Ohio but quite normal in Germany, where nearly 43,000 acres are dedicated to growing hops — a green flower with a bitter, tangy taste used in brewing beer.

Ohio farmers get face-to-face time with federal leaders

Published Mar. 17, 2015

Between March 18 and March 20, Ohio Farm Bureau leaders and farmers representing their county bureaus are scheduled to meet with numerous people including U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, Agricultural Committee members Ohio Congressmen Bob Gibbs and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown as well as leaders of Japan and New Zealand’s embassies.