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New Generation of Biologically Based Products

Published Apr. 7, 2015

This new generation of biologically based products can be applied through in-furrow, seed-coated, or foliar treatments. In soybeans, some of you have treated seed with Poncho/Votivo. The Votivo part consists of seed-coated bacterial spores that germinate and protect roots from soybean cyst nematode by forming a protective barrier.

No surprises in April 9 USDA Crop Production report

Published Apr. 10, 2015

Corn ending stocks were increased 50 million bushels to 1.827 billion bushels, less than expected. Corn fed to livestock was reduced 50 million bushels. Corn exports were unchanged as expected.

Ohio agriculture industry in spotlight with business profiles

Published Apr. 8, 2015

One in every seven Ohioans is employed in an agriculture-related field and the industry contributes approximately $105 billion to the state’s economy each year, according to a news release. With more than 14 million acres of farm land, the state ranks 13th nationally for agriculture exports.

Ohio Farm Bureau membersshare concerns with officials

Published Apr. 8, 2015

Both Montgomery County farmer Keven Dull and Shelby County farmer Aaron Heilers went to the annual Ohio Farm Bureau Presidents’ Trip to Washington in March to be advocates for their Farm Bureau and for Ohio farmers throughout the state. And that was exactly the point of these trips - to learn about how Washington D.C. works in terms of policy and regulations that pertain to farmers,

Ohio gets second chronic wasting case

Published Apr. 7, 2015

Both properties in Holmes County are owned by Daniel Yoder, who was arrested in February on two counts of tampering with evidence — a third-degree felony — related to an investigation into how chronic wasting disease came to his property and spread.