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Manure and expedited certification process included in new Ohio bill addressing

Published Aug. 20, 2014

n response to the recent drinking water ban in Toledo, three senators from Ohio’s Lake Erie counties have introduced SB 356 to expand and accelerate fertilizer certification legislation passed earlier this year. Senators Brown, Cafaro and Turner’s proposal would add “manure” to the definition of “fertilizer” for purposes of the fertilizer certification program enacted this May in SB 150.

Local farmers gather to discuss phosphorus runoff, cover crops

Published Aug. 20, 2014

DEFIANCE — Approximately 100 local farmers gathered Thursday evening to discuss what many northwest Ohio residents have been talking about for weeks — the recent Toledo water crisis.

Licking County egg farm helps plan solution for traffic

Published Aug. 25, 2014

JOHNSTOWN, Ohio — Trillium Farms has applied to the Ohio Department of Agriculture to add more than 2 million chickens to its egg farm about 3 miles north of here. A decade ago, the residents of northwestern Licking County would have reacted to that news with anger and anxiety.

Lake Erie: challenges ahead, but progress being made

Published Aug. 25, 2014

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio — There’s good news on the shores of Lake Erie and across the one-third or so of Ohio that drains into the lake. While the lake continues to be in the spotlight for water quality issues and toxic algae, there’s also an unprecedented amount of action being taken — from farmers and residents, to landscapers and municipalities, as well as state and federal government leaders.

Iowa panel votes to toughen livestock farm rules

Published Aug. 21, 2014

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa commission that oversees water quality approved increased inspections for livestock farms on Tuesday over the raucous protests of environmentalists who wanted much tougher rules.