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Custom farm work rates rising in Ohio

Published Jul. 23, 2014

The rates custom farm workers are paid in Ohio are rising, according to a new statewide survey of Ohio growers, farm workers and machinery operators completed by agricultural economists from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

Custom farm work rates rising in Ohio

Published Jul. 28, 2014

The 2014 Ohio Farm Custom Rate Survey found that the rates paid to farm workers and machinery operators for custom farm work have increased thanks in part to increased supply costs and the agriculture industry boom in recent years,

Crops look great, but some concerns remain

Published Jul. 30, 2014

The excessive rains of this past spring and earlier this summer have become but a memory for Ohio's agricultural producers, as drier, cooler weather this month has allowed for consistent bouts of fieldwork. And the state's crops have benefited from the improved conditions as well.

Compensatory loss emphasis of new farm bill

Published Jul. 22, 2014

Two years ago, farmers in the four-county Toledo metro area collected more than $10.5 million in direct payments from the federal government, a subsidy program that had become increasingly seen as a poor use of taxpayer money. Starting this year, those payments disappear.

Columbus to spread more wastewater sludge on farm fields

Published Jul. 23, 2014

The city wants to spread its wastewater sludge on farm fields rather than burn it and dump it into landfills. To do that, Columbus will spend $3.2 million to design storage tanks to hold the sludge.

Changes are coming to FSA programs

Published Jul. 31, 2014

The 2014 farm bill brought changes. The DCP/ACRE program, that paid direct payments, was eliminated. Our MILC Dairy program is being replaced. The NAP program is being made into a buy up program which I believe is good. Crop insurance is subject to sodbuster/swamp buster rules.

Can You Trust That Organic Label On Imported Food?

Published Jul. 25, 2014

Maybe you've wondered, while looking at the price tag on some organic produce, whether that label is telling the truth. Peter Laufer, a writer and professor of journalism at the University of Oregon, doesn't just wonder. He's an outright skeptic, especially because the organic label seems to him like a license to raise prices.

Boost of chicken consumption in U.S.

Published Jul. 23, 2014

More chickens are crossing the road and on to consumers' plates, according to new research presented today at the National Chicken Council's Chicken Marketing Seminar in Greensboro, Georgia.

Banking on farm-to-table trend: You kill it, hotels cook it

Published Jul. 21, 2014

Farm-to-table meals have become so popular that hotels are now getting in the game with an even closer-to-the-source experience by offering chef-prepared meals using food hooked, foraged or shot by their guests.

Agriculture must redefine GMO conversation

Published Jul. 31, 2014

“In general, we find a large and growing number of consumers who stigmatize GMOs,” said David Just, co-director, Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs. “This stigma has long been a factor in Europe, and we see the same pattern emerging in the United States.”