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Daniels presented with Distinguished Service Award by the Ohio-WV Youth Assn

Published Apr. 15, 2014

Daniels is a strong supporter of Jr. Livestock Exhibitions at county and independent fairs and the Ohio State Fair, which teach 4-H and FFA youth about responsible food animal production and leadership skills.

Congressmen try to rescue GMOs

Published Apr. 10, 2014

Two Congressmen introduced a bipartisan bill Thursday that would replace state-level GMO labeling laws with a federal requirement for a Food and Drug Administration review of the safety of genetically modified food ingredients that would likely prevent those ingredients from appearing on labels if FDA deems them safe.

Community Supported Agriculture is another way to help

Published Apr. 8, 2014

Members buy a share in the farm, supporting the farmers, and in return receive a portion of the fresh produce that is grown; weekly boxes contain whatever is at its peak, ripe, and in season when harvested

Branding the farm

Published Apr. 7, 2014

Since small farmers compete with large grocery chains, branding and marketing their farm and maintaining relationships with customers is an important part of business,

Animals are a special part of the farm

Published Apr. 17, 2014

Most people are not privileged to raise farm animals, but a cat, dog, fish or bird can fulfill a need.

Agriculture Is a Man's World? Not on My Farm

Published Apr. 17, 2014

A farmer is required to be a person capable of wearing many hats -- from accountant to nurse to scientist to engineer. A farmer's head is full of so much information, and also full of contacts, for those questions that they can't answer. A farmer knows how to make the best out of a sticky situation, and knows when to call in reinforcements.

2014 Farm Bill means big changes for agriculture

Published Apr. 14, 2014

Though Direct Payments have often been maligned in their nearly two-decade history, they were an efficient means of providing assistance that empowered farm families to manage their risk as they saw fit. But direct payments have been eliminated in order to execute a 30% cut to the Commodity Title

10TV video: Beef Prices On The Rise As Demand Soars

Published Apr. 16, 2014

OFBF members Barb and Phil Watts are beef cattle farmers. They sell about 2000 head of cattle every year from their Licking County farm. They both agree that a growing worldwide demand for beef and less supply at home, have led to higher beef prices.

“Farmland” coming to a theater near you

Published Apr. 7, 2014

In the film, Moll goes behind-the-scenes and follows six young American farmers and ranchers whose passion for their jobs is extremely inspirational. In doing so, Farmland takes an intimate look at the lives of farmers and ranchers who are in their 20s, all of whom are responsible for running their farming businesses.