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More veterans look to farming

Published Sep. 4, 2014

He said the work is similar to the military in many ways – requiring hard physical labor, demanding a lot of self-reliance, and giving him a sense of community service. But there’s an added benefit: being outside and alone for hours at a time has given Wood the space to cope with the anxiety and stress that came with seeing so much death and destruction in the war.

Ohio AgrAbility Program improving quality of life on the farm

Published Sep. 15, 2014

Ohio AgrAbility conducts on-site assessments for the worker to determine how he or she performs their job and helps find solutions that will meet their needs. Often those solutions involve some form of assistive technology

Ohio awarded $8.3 million from feds to protect agricultural land

Published Sep. 12, 2014

OHIO — After requesting $18 million from the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, Ohio landowners and farmland protection organizations received $8.3 million in funding.

Ohio farmers encouraged to practice ‘quality’ no-till

Published Sep. 15, 2014

Kok said the focus should be “quality” no-till, which means using cover crops, buffer strips, crop rotation and paying attention to detail.

Ohio farmers engage in on-farm nutrient research

Published Sep. 11, 2014

Henry County grain farmer Todd Hesterman is one of several who have opened their farms to on-farm research. At the end of one of his soybean fields are two water monitoring stations that measure tile flow, and automatically collect samples for nutrient analysis.