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ACEnet gets $30K grant from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Published Aug. 11, 2014

The Athens-based Appalachian Center for Economic Networks has been selected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as one of 10 rural enterprise agencies to receive a grant to support job growth and business development in rural communities.

Appetite for locally grown food behind rise in farmers markets

Published Aug. 12, 2014

Reflecting the nation’s increased appetite for locally grown food, the number of farmers markets in Ohio has tripled during the last 10 years, with Ohio’s more than 300 markets ranking behind only California, New York and Michigan, according to a report released this month.

County extension agent works to help farmers in China

Published Aug. 13, 2014

OTTAWA — Jim Hoorman, assistant professor with Ohio State University Extension and Putnam County Extension educator, is working with farmers in China on improving their water, land and air.

Farm bill offers important tools to help survive low prices

Published Aug. 13, 2014

Farmers already seeing corn and soybeans prices plummet as the markets expect bountiful harvests. There are some potential safety nets that might help protect them financially, two Purdue University agricultural economists said.

Farming closer to home gaining popularity

Published Aug. 12, 2014

An increasing number of customers is turning to Community Supported Agriculture programs, in which customers can subscribe to a local farm for fresh produce from a familiar face.