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Ohio farmer brings a bit of the west to the Midwest

Published Jan. 28, 2015

Owl Creek Farm began in 2011, as Ruter took nearly 430 acres and began to populate them with bison from Colorado and Indiana. Fast forward to 2015, and Ruter has 64 head and plans to have about 80 by September.

Ohio House panel to hold water quality hearing

Published Jan. 27, 2015

An Ohio House committee has scheduled a hearing Thursday to discuss water quality and harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie. The hearing by the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee is being held early Thursday afternoon at a farm in Van Wert in western Ohio

Ohio lawmakers, farmers call for ‘sound science’ in water quality rules

Published Jan. 30, 2015

Members of the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee held their first public hearing of the year Jan. 29, where they fielded public comment about new legislation to help control nutrient runoff from farmers’ fields.

Ohio maple producers learn of new grading system

Published Jan. 27, 2015

The grading system is a proposal of the International Maple Syrup Institute and seeks a unified grading system that will help unite everyone from producers to consumers. It includes a color class that is also based on flavor, and specific criteria related to quality, labels and production.

Ohio septic system regulations overhauled

Published Jan. 29, 2015

The Ohio Department of Health reports that nearly 31 percent of all septic systems in Ohio are failing. A failing system could indicate a number of problems, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the homeowner will have to replace the entire system