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From War To Plow: Why USDA Wants Veterans To Take Up Farming

Published Mar. 4, 2015

Veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan often have a hard time transitioning back to their civilian lives and careers. They have higher rates of divorce, depression and suicide. And they're more likely to be unemployed than both civilians and veterans of other wars. In recent years, thousands of veterans like Creech have showed an interest in farming as a way to find peace and purpose.

Help with on-farm trials

Published Mar. 4, 2015

If you want to test products or management ideas on your farm but don’t have the time or expertise for your own comparisons, help could be as close as your seed corn dealer.

Are We Seeing the "Greatest Collapse of Hog Prices Ever"?

Published Mar. 4, 2015

February pork supplies were expected to be up about 3%, while actual supplies have been up 7% due to 4% more hogs reaching the market than anticipated.

Weather Ramping Up to Slow, Cool Start to Spring Planting

Published Mar. 4, 2015

Keep your eye on the forecast for the middle third of this month, forecasters say. In the 11- to 15-day forecast, temperatures are expected to remain higher than normal with less-than-normal precipitation, two trends that could help the Midwestern soils wake up from winter and lay the groundwork for this spring's planting window.

Sabotage at farm leaves 320,000 chickens dead

Published Mar. 5, 2015

Late last month, someone broke in, cut off ventilators, boosted the temperature controls and wiped out all but a few hundred chickens.