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4th graders get schooled in agriculture

Published Sep. 21, 2015

Fourth graders from around Athens County learned the importance of agriculture during the 15th annual Agriculture Awareness Day at the Athens County Fairgrounds on Friday.

Ag Beat: Avian influenza may be back soon

Published Sep. 22, 2015

If waterfowl are still carrying the highly pathogenic avian influenza that they were last spring, local chicken and turkey farms may have reason to worry.

Agriculture chief kicks off plan to reduce food waste

Published Sep. 21, 2015

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced a goal to cut the amount of food that Americans waste by 50 percent by 2030.

Appeals court reverses Hardin County ruling

Published Sep. 21, 2015

The Third District Court of Appeals reversed a ruling of a $5.3 million Hardin County verdict, saying that the case should have been dismissed before going to a jury trial. The court ruled in favor of H&C Ag. Services LLC against Ohio Fresh Eggs, LLC and Trillium Farm Holdings, LLC. H&C does business as LandTech.

California agriculture weathers drought — at a cost

Published Oct. 1, 2015

The spring snowpack is the paltriest ever measured — by April it contained just 5% of a normal year’s water — and by the end of August the major reservoirs held 59% of their historical average.