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Swine virus to impact production, prices in 2014

Published Apr. 8, 2014

“New herds are being infected daily throughout the country, so it’s likely we will see infections in populations not previously exposed to the virus the rest of this year,” said Steve Moeller, an Ohio State University Extension swine specialist.

The Future Of Clean, Green Fish Farming Could Be Indoor Factories

Published Apr. 9, 2014

Slowly but surely, seafood that's grown in aquaculture is taking over the seafood section at your supermarket, and the vast majority is imported.

The Making of 'Farmland,' Ag's Newest Documentary

Published Apr. 18, 2014

The film, which hits selected theatres May 1, focuses on the lives of young farmers in six different food production areas. It is billed as a glimpse into the farmers' "high-risk, high-reward" jobs.

Today's Farms Better Positioned to Withstand Economic Fallout

Published Apr. 15, 2014

While debt use and leverage varies widely, most farm businesses are better prepared to handle unexpected changes in farm income or interest rates than they were in the 1990s – hopefully poised to avoid any similar situations to the 1980s farm economy fallout.

U.S. food prices rising, Farm Bureau says

Published Apr. 7, 2014

U.S. consumers are paying more for several food items at their local grocery store, including many of their favorite breakfast staples such as bacon, eggs and bread, the country’s largest farm group said Thursday