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Pitching farm life: Brenda Hastings takes dairy industry in an all new direction

Published Mar. 5, 2015

“We wanted to expand our reach,” Hastings said of the dairy’s May through October group, school and day camp agritourism events such as “Cow Tales Adventures” and the “Milk From Cow to Bottle Tour.” “We started the agritourism not knowing what we were doing,” Hastings admitted

Poor growing season sprouts business

Published Feb. 20, 2015

There is a popular proverb that goes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Several years ago, a couple said they took this phrase to heart, creating a business out of a solution they used to compensate for an impossible outdoor growing season.

Rent walkouts point to strains in U.S. farm economy

Published Feb. 23, 2015

Some grain farmers already see the burden as too big. They are taking an extreme step, one not widely seen since the 1980s: breaching lease contracts, reducing how much land they will sow this spring and risking years-long legal battles with landlords.

Sabotage at farm leaves 320,000 chickens dead

Published Mar. 5, 2015

Late last month, someone broke in, cut off ventilators, boosted the temperature controls and wiped out all but a few hundred chickens.

Starting them young in agriculture

Published Mar. 2, 2015

“We need to do a good job educating kids about what’s available in the area. One of the ways to do that is to reach out to the kids when they’re very young through 4-H and FFA. We share information about potential careers in classrooms,” said Judy Villard-Overocker, Richland County director for The Ohio State University Extension.