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Canal system, innovations boosted agriculture

Published Apr. 21, 2014

To solve the economic crisis in Ohio, the state devised a plan to build a canal system to connect the Ohio River and Lake Erie. Lake Erie was the natural connector to the New York Erie Canal. The new canal system would provide a way for crops and other goods produced in Ohio to be transported in bulk and at minimum cost to the population centers in the East.

Brown and Gibbs named Legislators of the Year

Published Apr. 24, 2014

OSA farmer leaders presented the award to Brown during a special event and meeting at the farm of Bret Davis, OSA chairman and Delaware County soybean farmer.

Animals are a special part of the farm

Published Apr. 17, 2014

Most people are not privileged to raise farm animals, but a cat, dog, fish or bird can fulfill a need.

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack orders federal response to PEDv

Published Apr. 22, 2014

The federal order is designed to enhance biosecurity and health of the domestic swine herd in order to maintain movement of pigs in the United States and slow the spread of the disease, which is estimated to have killed upwards of 5 million pigs.

Agriculture Is a Man's World? Not on My Farm

Published Apr. 17, 2014

A farmer is required to be a person capable of wearing many hats -- from accountant to nurse to scientist to engineer. A farmer's head is full of so much information, and also full of contacts, for those questions that they can't answer. A farmer knows how to make the best out of a sticky situation, and knows when to call in reinforcements.